The turning point in life #MondayMusings

The last week,  June 25 to be precise,  I completed 15 years of joining the IT industry.   It was an event that has had long term impact on me and my family.  I can look back at life and point to this date with certainty and say, “That day there,  it changed my life.”   Nothing has ever had as much of an impact as this day in life.

Prior to that,  though I was a computer programmer,  I was working in one of the user companies and even after close to 6 years of work experience,  life had really not taken off.  To add to it,  we had 6 full day work weeks.  With  a toddler in tow and living in a joint family,  I did feel at times that there was nothing much to look up to in life.

When I had resumed work post my first son’s birth,  I was surprised to find that my company had moved on from custom software to an ERP system called SAP.  For me at that stage,  it was a software I had not even heard about.  And my IT Manager was a new guy.  Not knowing what the future will hold,  I went about it and could barely focus on work with visions of being obsolete and removed from the job.

Life had other plans.  The IT Manager gave me the option to choose between Web Designing and SAP.  Web Designing and Java were hot at that time and everyone was doing it.  I knew my limitations on the creative aspects.  But, the other option was unknown.  Here,  my friend,  suggested that I should take the leap into SAP as there was nothing to lose anyway.   The company wanted me to pick up the new software on my own as training was outrageously expensive then for SAP. 

I had a two hour commute everyday one-way.  And that was the only time I had nothing to do besides getting crushed in the train.  So,  I got my ABAP book and would study during the commute to and from work.  During the day at work,  I would spend practicing all that I learnt.  After months of hard work,  the silver lining happened.  Another friend of mine put me up for interview at his office.  The interviewer was his friend and I had the questions beforehand.  The new job was to give me a four-fold increase in pay.  I felt nothing could go wrong.  But,  I failed miserably at the interview and I cried for days about the lost opportunity.  My friend persisted and set me up for another interview through another friend.  But, because of the previous experience,  I was determined to give the correct answers.  This time,  I brushed up on my knowledge and also checked interview questions on the internet and went well-prepared.

After a one hour grilling in technical questions,  I was appointed.  And as you say,  the rest is history.   The change into the IT sector completely transformed our lives.  It has given financial security,  more opportunities and also working with some of the best companies in the world.

And I also realised that,  when you hit rock bottom, there is no where to go, but up.  Life gives us many opportunities.  It is upto us to grab it with both hands and never let go.  Hard work will definitely see results and fulfill our wishes beyond our wildest imaginations.     Mondaymusings-1

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  1. Congratulations! Life gives us many lessons and as you said, we need to pick them up and learn as we go along. I remember those technical interviews. Those code snippets and what not. For me, it has been 6 years in HR and I have loved every moment of that. Good luck to you for many more successful years ahead.

  2. Congratulations Lata! Fortune really favours the brave . Your determination and grit are truly inspirational. It must have been tough traveling and young motherhood …. BUT You DID IT…

  3. Love the last lines about hitting rock bottom but there are also always better things in tow. It reminds me how I miserable failed an interview for an international organisation!!! haha Congrats and may more to come.

  4. Congrats and Happy anniversary.. It feels great when our efforts and hard work bear fruit… Happy to read about your experience… As for me it has just been one year in IT.. And I am still confused what I want out of life …

    1. Thanks Pratikshya. You are just starting off. Give it another year and if you are still confused, look at alternatives. There is no point being stuck in a job profile which you do not enjoy.

  5. Wow! That was an inspiring read. 15 years is a good long time. It was a good friend who guided you to take the right road. I missed out a few opportunities because of bad guidance or as like I like to think “it was just not for me”.
    Just asking to know, do you still enjoy it as much as, when you started out?

    1. Thanks Uma. I am just glad my friends helped me out then and thankfully it all worked out well. I have spent 21 years of life working now and I wouldn’t do it if I was not enjoying it. The roles and technology keeps changing and keeps me on my toes. Besides, I cannot for the life of me, imagine doing the same thing every single day. In this role, every day and every challenge is different. Sometimes, it is too much, but I love it.

  6. Inspiring story. The hard times are there to test us, the brave ones face the challenge and conquer their fears. Glad to hear about your success story, keep it up.

  7. Congratulations on completing 15 glorious years! It’s great that when life got tough you just got tougher. You have my admiration. 🙂

  8. You said it so right. When you hit rock bottom and there is nowhere to go further, then the only option is ‘up’. Your professional story is inspiring. You went with the change, you took up the challenge and you excelled. Happy Anniversary. 15 years is worth celebrating 🙂

    1. Thanks Anamika. Isn’t change the only constant in life? At that time I had not thought much. In fact, even when writing this post, I did not think so much. But all your comments is making me realise that I did do something different.

  9. Hard work definitely pays off. Glad that you were able to reap the benefits after all. 🙂 Your story is definitely an inspiring one, Lata. 🙂 Congrats!

  10. Very inspirational Lata. Learning a new technology, preparing for interviews under the pressure of losing job with a toddler at home in a joint family – all this shows one thing. Diamonds shine by more pressure and polishing ☺
    Happy work anniversary and all the best.

    1. Thanks Ramya. In our work-life, we need to keep ourselves updated as technology changes faster than anything else right now. Continuous re-invention is the key.

  11. What a wonderful anniversary to celebrate, Lata. Congratulations. Your story is very inspiring especially for those who take time off for family and feel they might miss out coming back to the workforce. One can always reinvent oneself as you did splendidly. I hope you’re having a great celebration – you deserve it!

    1. Thanks Corinne. It was a quite celebration with the husband and me as no one else knew what we went through. We reminisced about the time and counted our blessings.

  12. 15 years wow!! congratulations on reaching the milestone 😀 SAP is quite big now… Hard work and persistence always pays 😀 Very inspiring read.

  13. Happy anniversary. It’s always a thrill when hard work pays off, whatever the field, and you are able to feel comfortable, confident and secure in the job that you enjoy and love.

    1. Thanks Rachna. I hate people who crib about their lives and expect others to do something about it. I sincerely believe no one can help you but yourself. Once, you take the first step, the others will help you.

  14. Happy career anniversary. Looking back, it is so satisfying for you to know you made the right choice. So many people are unhappy in their work, but you did something about it. I’m happy it worked out. Best of continued success in your career.

  15. Happy Anniversary, first of all..And you are right, every valuable comes at the end of some hard times and after a lot of hard work.. I have just joined back after my daughter was born last November and I’m raring to go.. I can’t wait to prove myself and change my work life for the better..

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