Rains and I #MondayMusings

http---www.pixteller.com-pdata-t-l-447633My favourite season is the rainy season.   The cool climate,  the washed trees and roads and the swift spray of rain is what I love the most.  Needless to say,  I live in Mumbai which is famous for its monsoon.  But, I also belong to Kerala where it rains almost throughout the year with the monsoon months being one of the wettest.   And I love greenery all around.

I can trace most of my life events along the rainy season.

Me and the husband had traveled together to Kerala for the first time during the rains.  The whole journey through the Konkan Railway was full of green mountains, waterfalls,  lush green fields, rivers flowing full and serene lakes.

Both my sons were born during the monsoon.  The home used to be criss-crossed with clothing lines full of baby clothes.

Standard X and graduation results in end of June as there was some strike and paper corrections were delayed.

Rainy season has also been the time for new beginnings – starting off college, my computer classes,  even my jobs.  I have almost always started on a new job during rainy season.

I hate it when people crib about rain and getting wet.  I do not like the dirty roads and overflowing gutters.  But,  the rain is essential for keeping the circle of life in motion.  The past couple of years have been terrible with drought.  It is easy for us as we just need to open a tap and we get water.  But think about the people who walk 20 km to fetch water all because of no rain and no groundwater.  It is also high time we plant more trees and not allow the existing trees to be butchered.   Be more conscious of the environment.

Reuse. Recycle. Reduce. Make this the mantra of life.

Lets pray for more rain and also promise to nurture the environment.

So,  does that make me a pluviophile?




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  1. Lata, there was a time during my childhood days in Bangalore when I would absolutely love the monsoons. Bangalore used to be beautiful then. I would splash in the puddles as I walked back from school dirtying my white socks,much to my mother’s irritation. But……. things have changed now….

    Love for a particular season stems from the experiences one has had. … When I shifted to Delhi…. and with two small kids now, I hate the monsoons… cause it means the risk of viral infections and the deadly dengue which both my kids got lost monsoon.

  2. Rains make me nostalgic. No two ways about it. The message of reusing – rainwater harvesting- is a take away from the post.

  3. I love rain too. Every year school opens and there it is, rain, greeting us. 🙂 We used to walk to school and it was a mess. But we loved that mess. Later, we were in Phoenix, where it hardly rained. But those 3-4 times when it rained, it was a celebration for us. We used to go for a drive in the rain. But, I’m not loving the rains here in the UK as much. Maybe because the weather is getting severely cold causing my back pain and headache to pop up. It’s July and supposed to be summer but we are going out in jackets! I can’t wait to get back to Phoenix to enjoy those drives in the rain. 🙂

  4. I enjoy rains. But our monsoon season is in November, so I have some waiting to do! But I must say that being here on the coast sometimes it just gets too much when the rains just won’t stop! So I suppose I can go with balance/moderation, like everything else 🙂

  5. I love rains. Like you said the cool weather, the washed look and all that. I don’t like to get drenched but other than that, it works.

  6. I love rains in moderation. Having lived all my life in rather water scanty, arid areas I am well-aware of the importance of rains and the joys they bring along but I find myself incapable of handling heavy rains.
    All of my family has their birthday in monsoon months (except me) that definitely connects many celebrations to monsoons besides fond memories from school.

  7. Rain is indeed my favorite season as well. I remember visiting Cochin during last year’s monsoon and it was one of the most beautiful sight ever. The shade of greens from the trees are different from regular shade, it was fabulous. Your post took me back to the monsoon of Kerala .

  8. I guess I would love the monsoons more if I could play Quidditch! And use the Impervius spell on my specs, shoes, clothes and bag!
    And of course, the masala corn on the cob is to die for!
    It’s good that we have received bountiful rains till now. I do hope this spell of heavy rains continues, and we don’t have to face a drought again!

  9. Here’s another pluviophile from Kerala! I’m wondering now if it is a thing with Keralites. Love the petrichor, the cool, and getting wet too. And a big nod to the three R’s mantra, we do need to focus on nurturing our home more.

  10. I love the rains too and I am not thinking about the dirty roads and overflowing drains, nope, not at all. Watching it rain from the comfort of my balcony gives me peace.

  11. I love the rains as long as I’m not wet! Or if I’m wet then it has to be while going for a walk . But I agree with you that we need the rains despite the disruptions they may cause in our lives

  12. I love the rains and everything it brings with it. So sometimes we don’t feel like going out and dancing in it, but that’s okay, right? And yes, about the clothes never drying with a baby in the house. Ugh! Still.. .:) I have loads of rain stories too!

    1. We had a solution for the wet clothes. We used to iron the last stage of the drying process to get nice warm clothes for the baby. I would love to listen to your rain stories. Tell us some.

  13. I must admit I wouldn’t mind a couple of sunny days this week as I’m on holiday! Apart from that I have nothing against the rain (except when it gets on my glasses and I can’t see anything!).

    1. The rain on the glasses needs some permanent solution. I cannot ride my scooter in the rain as the glass is full of droplets and I cannot see. Thanks Ali. Sending some sunshine to you.

  14. Love the rains, I was born and brought up in Mumbai 🙂 Moved to other coastal cities after marriage to a Naval ofiicer, went to Goa and Kochi. Loved the monsoons there too 🙂 My daughter was born on an extremely rainy day in Mumbai on 20th July, almost 27 years ago 🙂

  15. Oh God then you’ll hate me too! I don’t like rains unless I’m safely inside the walls of my home..I hate the water clogging, the clothes not drying and the mud…Ooops don’t hate me..other than that I’m a good person 🙂

    1. How can I hate you Naba? You are a sweet person. Its just that I love rain more. I can understand the wet clothes. Both my sons were born during the rains. It was a nightmare to get the clothes dried. And then we resorted to ironing all the baby clothes. Easier said than done, though.

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