Adventures in a Summer Village : Back to the beginning

The story so far : 

Ryan and Rex are twins spending their summer in a village.  Playing beside the lake they chance upon an old teapot.  Playfully,  Ryan rubs it.  Out comes a frog and a dwarf named Elmer sprouting quotes.  The frog says the Dwarf Elmer is fake and is ready to grant 3 wishes to the boys when Elmer swats the frog and kills it.  The boys,  though scared,  ask for a palace as their first wish.  They get the palace but it is a miniature palace.   Elmer tells them that he can grant wishes only according to his size.  The boys are upset and feel cheated.  They decide to teach Elmer a lesson.  Their second wish is to have Elmer live in the palace.  Elmer shrinks and becomes tinier than a football.  

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The story continues : 

Elmer gets up and removes the dirt from his coat, hands and hair.  He is in murderous rage while the boys are unable to control their laughter.

Finally,  Rex says,  ‘Now,  I think that instead of the palace you should be living in your teapot.’  Hearing this Elmer’s rage gives way to sorrow.   He becomes tinier and is being swept back into the teapot.

Halfway inside the teapot,  Elmer pleads with the boys, ‘I am terribly sorry boys.  I have lived in the teapot for ages.  There is nothing more I cherish than my freedom.  Set me free.’

‘Oh no.. this could be another trick to play on us,’ says Ryan.

‘A fool thinks himself to be wise,  but a wise man knows he is a fool.  I apologise.  I apologise from the bottom of my heart,’ says Elmer.

‘But we have said all our three wishes.  We cannot help now, ‘ says Ryan.

‘I am not completely inside the teapot yet.  A few more minutes I have.  Why don’t you add something to the wish which can set me free?’  prods Elmer.  The boys put their heads together and talk again in whispers while Elmer wipes away a tear with his free hand.

‘OK.  Here’s some wishful thinking.  You can come out of the teapot when someone,  other than us, tells a story about you,’  says Rex.

‘Its not fair.  That is highly unlikely, ‘  Elmer’s voice drowns as he swirls back into the teapot and the lid is closed.  The teapot rattles a bit and then all is quiet.

‘Quick,  lets bury it somewhere so that no one finds it,’  says Rex.    The boys dig up some mud near the lake,  put the teapot inside and cover it back.   Ryan puts in three stones in the shape of a triangle to mark the spot.

They look at their finished work with pride.

‘Woooh.. that was quite an adventure!  If only he could grant us some real wishes’ says Rex and Ryan nods in agreement.  They walk back to the house.

….To be continued…..barathon

Prompt : Wishful thinking

I am participating in the 7 day Bar-a-thon.  This is part 6 of a 7-part story.

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  1. Brilliantly written story. The boys are intelligent and kind, hope they don’t get into trouble later. Please keep them safe in the concluding part of your story 😇

  2. Really loving the way the entire story has taken shape. You’ve weaved in the prompts cleverly and kept the narrative taut and gripping. Waiting to read the last part now 🙂

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