Adventures in a Summer Village : First wish

The story so far : 

Ryan and Rex are twins spending their summer in a village.  Playing beside the lake they chance upon an old teapot.  Playfully,  Ryan rubs it.  Out comes a frog and a dwarf named Elmer sprouting quotes.  The frog says the Dwarf  Elmer is fake and is ready to grant 3 wishes to the boys when Elmer swats the frog and kills it. Read it all herehere, here

The story continues : 


‘Don’t worry.. I will grant you three wishes,’ boomed Elmer.

Rex,  the braver of the two,  said, ‘Go away.. we don’t want no wishes.  You are scary.’  Ryan was covering behind Rex.

‘To do a great right do a little wrong.  You believe in a frog and not me,’ said Elmer cheerfully.

‘No. Just get back into the teapot.  Or we will tell aunt Mira about you, ‘ Ryan said looking from behind Rex’s shoulder.

‘Oh don’t bother.  She knows me.  She had caught me red-handed when I was walking the grounds.  I granted her three wishes to keep mum.  Go on, ask her about it,’ said Elmer losing some composure.   He scratched his white hair and looked left and right.  He walked towards the boys,  very slowly.  His eyes were large like saucers.  

‘Make your wishes.  I don’t have whole day.  I have to go up north.  I hate this place, ‘ he sneered scaring the daylights out of Rex and Ryan.

‘C..Can we discuss amongst ourselves?’ asked Rex.  Elmer waved at them to go ahead.

The boys talked to each other urgently in soft whispers.   They finally seemed to be in agreement.

‘We want a palace,’  said Rex.

Elmer beamed.  He made a great show of mumbling something.  It was accompanied with a lot of nodding and shaking of head.  But it were the hands that did most of the talking.  They moved up, down, horizontal, backwards.  After a few minutes,  there was a loud ‘Spoof’.

Rex and Ryan saw a miniature palace in front of the lake.  It was beautiful and perfect,  but it was tiny.

The boys looked in disbelief.

‘Is this it?’  they asked.

‘Such as we are made of, such we be,’ said Elmer,  ‘I am a dwarf.  My wishes are matched to my size.  Two more to go.’



….To be continued…..barathon

Prompt : Caught Red-handed

I am participating in the 7 day Bar-a-thon.  This is part 4 of a 7-part story.

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16 thoughts on “Adventures in a Summer Village : First wish

  1. Dwarf is very smart! And Rex and Ryan must be wondering what next to ask to suit them and is of the size of the dwarf!
    it’s going great and I’m enjoying it thoroughly!


  2. What are the two remaining wishes? Let me check the prompts. 😀
    Prompts wonderfully woven into the story. Loving it! 🙂

  3. Wow, I read all the four parts in one go. Such a mysterious story and you have woven it so well. Waiting to see how this ends. Lovely, Lata!

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