Adventures in a Summer village : Fragile Lives

The story so far : 

Ryan and Rex are twins spending their summer in a village.  Playing beside the lake they chance upon an old teapot.  Playfully,  Ryan rubs it.  Out comes a frog and a dwarf named Elmer sprouting quotes.  Read it all here and here. 

The story continues : 

‘Croak croak,’ it was the frog.

‘Don’t listen to him.  He is all words and no action.  We have only 10 minutes more before we disappear.   I will grant you 3 wishes.   Tell me your wishes,  boys,’ said the frog.

Rex and Ryan stood where they were, not sure of whom to listen to.

‘Frog, who will listen to you, you insignificant ugly creature.  Look at how slimy you are,’ said Elmer a tad irritated.

Rex whispered into Ryan’s ear.   Ryan shook his head.  ‘No way.  I will not touch the frog,’ he said.

Elmer continued,  ‘Forgive him for he knows not what he says.’

‘He is a liar.  Do not listen to him.  Tell me your wishes,’  the frog croaked again.

Splat!  Elmer’s hand came down on the frog faster than the boys could think about it.

The frog was dead.

Fragile lives,’ said Elmer and beamed at the boys.

….To be continued…..barathon

Prompt : Fragile Lives

I am participating in the 7 day Bar-a-thon.  This is part 3 of a 7-part story.

Part 1   Part 2


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  1. You know, your story reminded me of a little boy from my childhood. He was my brother’s friend and would always be found playing by the puddles in a garden, collecting frogs! Wonder if he too found a talking frog back then! Cute story!

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