Adventures in a summer village : Stranger than fiction

Mira had almost reached the door with the glasses of milk, when Ryan and Rex shot past her and the door.

‘Have the milk boys.. ‘ she screamed after them.

‘Later aunty,’ a voice floated back.

Which one was it? Ryan of Rex?  She could not tell them apart.  Like herself and her sister, the boys’ mother,  they were twins.

Ryan and Rex reached the lake and started with their games.  Games which only they understood.   There was hitting, spitting and hiding actions. They heard a big clang when Ryan’s feet hit a metallic object.   They could see something shiny on the ground.   Ryan started to shift the dirt to pull out the thing.

‘Hold on’ said Rex,  ‘let’s guess what it is.  I think it is the lost anchor of a boat full of treasures.’

‘Hmm.. I think it is a steel tumbler.’ said Ryan.

‘Come on.. think up something,’ prodded Rex.

‘Umm.. I think it is Aladdin’s lamp which he forgot or dropped it when he was on his flying carpet.’  The boys laughed at that.

‘If it’s an anchor,  then we will search for the boat in the lake to find the treasure,’ said Rex.

There was a whole lot of laughter as they began moving the dirt to remove the object.

Half-way through, they looked at each other.  Strange, they thought.  Finally,  they loosened the mud and took out an old teapot.  Campers, they shook their heads.

Rex raised an eyebrow and smiled at Ryan.  Ryan knew the game was still on.  He pretended to rub the tea pot.  It started to crackle and throw out sparks.

‘Woah!!’ The boys shrieked and dropped the teapot.

…. To be continued.

 barathonPrompt : Stranger than Fiction

I am participating in the 7 day Bar-a-thon.  This is part 1 of a 7-part story.



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  1. A promising start! Headed over to read the next one. Curious to know if the genie did appear or was it something else that startled them.

  2. After your wonderful Dia and Sameer, I’m hooked on to your stories. Can’t wait for chapter 2 and 3 and 4 and more! Love the way you build up the suspense…..

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