Adventures in a Summer Village : The End

The story so far : 

Ryan and Rex are twins spending their summer in a village.  Playing beside the lake they chance upon an old teapot.  Playfully,  Ryan rubs it.  Out comes a frog and a dwarf named Elmer sprouting quotes.  The frog says the Dwarf Elmer is fake and is ready to grant 3 wishes to the boys when Elmer swats the frog and kills it.  The boys,  though scared,  ask for a palace as their first wish.  They get the palace but it is a miniature palace.   Elmer tells them that he can grant wishes only according to his size.  The boys are upset and feel cheated.  They decide to teach Elmer a lesson.  Their second wish is to have Elmer live in the palace.  Elmer shrinks and becomes tinier than a football.  They make a third wish which was to have Elmer go back to his teapot.  Elmer realises his folly and apologises.  He pleads with them to set him free.  Since, all three wishes are used up,  they modify the last wish which can set Elmer free.   

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The story continues : 

The boys walk through a narrow road which has a few houses on either side.

‘That was crazy,  I never trusted that Elmer, ‘ says Ryan.

‘Yeah.  I thought he will hit us or something,’ agrees Rex.

‘I don’t want to ever come back to this village,’ says Ryan.

‘Scared are you?  But he is in a teapot now.  He will not come out.  And no more digging out strange objects.  Promise?’ asks Rex.

‘Yeah .. I promise.   And listen.  Lets not tell Mira aunty about this.  She will surely tell Mom and Dad.’  Rex agrees with Ryan.

They reach Mira’s house which has a neat lawn in the front.  The house is surrounded by old, gnarled trees.  Mira is sitting in the lawn having tea.   She gestures the boys to join her.

‘So, how was the lake?  Did you catch anything?’ she asked. 

‘Nothing.  We got bored there.  So, we came back here.  We will play some PS games here,’ said Rex.

‘Indoor games only in the nights boys,’ says Mira.  The boys look dejected.  To cheer them up,  she says,  ‘Let me tell you a story.  That will cheer you up.  And you can look for the dwarf in the woods.’.

‘DWARF!’ the boys react.

‘Yes.  Did your mother tell you about him?’ asked Mira.  They shook their heads.

‘Once when me and your mom were around 12 years old,  we found a weird looking old teapot in the lake.. ‘

The boys couldn’t believe it.  Mira was going to tell the story of Elmer.

Meanwhile,  inside the teapot,  Elmer shifts a bit so he can sit more comfortably.

‘Soon,  I will get out,’ he thinks and smiles.


Prompt : Wishful thinking

I am participating in the 7 day Bar-a-thon.  This is part 7 of a 7-part story.

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