Will we or won’t we? #MondayMusings

Will we or won’t we? #MondayMusings

My husband found me sitting quiet and asked me what was the matter.  Well,  I am not sure if I am the only one.  But with so much talks about going to war and revenge and all,  I am a tad worried.  Why?  He asks me.  No one else seems to be bothered.

But it is all over social media, I respond.  Open a Whatsapp chat and there are videos,  facts, details about war.  It seems to be exhorting people to be angry.  Twitter is another culprit with the ‘outrage’ going on for days.  And do not put on the TV.  The news anchor is fuming smoke from his nostrils and squirming in his seat (I really wonder why he does that) with taking revenge and asking politicians what is stopping them.  It is irresponsible media at the best.  I definitely do not forward such messages and wish other people also do not do it.  It is so easy to find its way to some impressionable mind who will think of taking action.  Mind you,  the people who want to go to war are sitting comfortably in their homes.  I am sure, they have no one doing anything near the border or will want their family to be involved.

It also does not mean that I do not want to respond to a war-like situation.  But,  I believe we should follow Chanakya’s ‘Saam, dhaam, dand, bhed’ concept.  i.e Advice, Offer or negotiate, punish and lastly, isolate and exploit.

I have been recently reading the non-fiction book ‘War Torn’ and seeing the plight of the people in those countries and its after effects,  I am certainly in no hurry to join a war or a war-like situation.

Hope peace reigns and we can just talk it over like civilised people.  Let me get back to work and let life continue.




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  1. War is indeed a very scary idea. it benefits no one. I am sure with our history of restraint and patience we will avoid it all cost. I loved the PMs speech where he said we should wage war on poverty and illiteracy.

    1. True Tulika. We should wage war against poverty and illiteracy which will indirectly improve health and life.

  2. Oh god I cannot imagine us going to war… It’s so easy to write stuffs on a social media platform, Couch activism is on the rise. The only thing people don;t do is think and have a civil debate.

  3. Too much of discussion on the topic as war sure snatches away the remaining peace in the environment around and I get what you’re saying. All we can do is choose to ignore coz we’re surrounded by information 24*7!


  4. I know what you mean. All this war talk is really disturbing. Arm chair war mongerers likely don’t even fully understand what they are asking for. Social media is known for people passing knee-jerk reactions, but when mainstream media starts spouting this kind of nonsense it is very alarming indeed.

  5. I know what you mean. It’s disturbing to get messages that do not mean anything and their source is questionable. Like you,, I also do not forward what I do not believe in.

    1. Thanks Parul. Unlike us, these things will affect impressionable youngsters who have no idea of anything historic.

  6. A full-blown war must always be the very last option. And I have faith that it will not come to that. But some strategic military action is needed, I believe because things have gone too far. And from what little I understand things have been moving along the advice of Chanakya for the last two years. And perhaps time has come for the the last two things – danda and bheda. How that will happen, there are much smarter minds in the right places to figure that out. It is silly to give opinions on things we have no clue about. And I have a feeling there are a few people right on the top who know the difference between making the right noises for the world and doing the right action in a hidden sort of way. TV anchors and opinionated journalists have no clue whatsoever about how diplomacy and strategy works. So better not listen to them at all.

    1. Thanks Beloo. Love your comments. We may not know the full picture. But the media like TV, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc are going overboard with crass jokes and videos. We can ignore it but we cannot deny it.

    1. I think I am unable to stand my husband listening to all those debates on TV when I can watch some nice mush serials or movies.

  7. It’s easy for us to shout war slogans, but how often do we think about the plight of the families of the army men? And, war is not even going to help resolve any issues, it is only going to end in bloodshed and heartache for people on both sides of the border. Having said that, peaceful talks hardly have the desired outcome. It is a sensitive issue best dealt with peace and equanimity.

    1. Thanks Shilpa. I would let the Government do what it wants. But the social media folks are going crazy and overboard. They are hyping it too much.

  8. As someone who is deeply a-political, I cannot stand the noise and rabble-rousing that is the media today. Also, exhorting to go to war? So easy to say when everyone saying it is sitting in a TV studio or at home behind their laptops. Hmph. For one second, they must consider the lives of the army members. But they won’t. Hope sense prevails.

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