When the Stork is missed   #InfertilityNotATaboo

When the Stork is missed #InfertilityNotATaboo

A close cousin is no longer staying in touch as she used to.  An aunt who was a housewife, had a midlife crisis, went back to studying and is now working abroad.  A friend who was at the top of her career is now a stay at home mother running after a toddler.  While another friend,  spends her time in spirituality.  She is always there to help other friends as a backup, helping with shopping, carrying your bag.  Another woman silently cries every time she is asked about her children.  While another one will abuse you if you so much as mention children.

Since I am in the topic of infertility,  the only common thread among the women above is that they do not have children. In our society,  most of the time, the woman bears the brunt of infertility.  Though we know scientifically,  it could be either the man or the woman’s issue,  it is always blamed on the women.  They are taunted, insulted in their marital homes, kept away from auspicious events.  It is as if the woman had wanted and brought it upon herself to be infertile.  Then comes the rituals which are sometimes as simple as fasting to some bizarre ones. I know of a family member who participated in all these rituals but also got herself treated at a hospital.  It helped and she had two children in rapid succession.

Let me elaborate on the above stories one by one. Continue reading