No Safe Zone

No Safe Zone

no-safe-zoneAs a bride, when I entered my matrimonial home,  surrounded by strangers, to say I was nervous and scared is an understatement.  Being from a region very different from the new home,  I did not know what to expect.  At 23,  there were only stars in my eyes.  I longed for an ideal home,  just like my own home.  But now this was home.

One of my husband’s cousin’s wife had taken over the kitchen.  Just a few years older than me,  she was a champion.  Doling out regular cups of tea and coffee, snacks and dinner,  she worked round the clock,  with a smile.

I could only imagine myself in the future at some other cousin’s wedding going through the motions.  I felt it was no safe zone.  Not like my home, tch tch.. mom’s home.

Then I saw my husband, sitting in a group, laughing away at jokes and being teased by the cousins.  I sought him.  At that moment,  he looked up and our eyes met.  With the slightest motion of his head,  he acknowledged me.  I knew then,  that everything will be alright.  He will be my pillar of strength in this world.


Have you ever faced a moment like that?  where you could instantly connect with someone?