Here’s me #FridayReflections

Here’s me #FridayReflections

coffee-flower-reading-magazine-smallOooh! I loved this #FridayReflections prompt.  I enjoyed some of my friends’ random facts and thought of scribbling down my own.  It is a bit difficult actually.  After few points,  I did not have anything to write.  I did make it.

Bashfully I present 21 random facts about myself –

  1. I am a working housewife.  Both the benefits of a working spouse and a housewife as I work from home.
  2. I am a commerce graduate working as a techie in an IT company
  3. I believe there is no substitute for hard work and that hard work always reaps good benefits.
  4. I love tea.. milk tea, elaichi tea, masala tea, ginger tea, green tea, black tea.. just tea.  Sorry kaapi.
  5. I love music and dance.. but as a spectator.  I sometimes record my songs on the cellphone and love to play it back.
  6. I am quite laidback.  I will let life go by till it pulls me into it.
  7. I love to travel and that is what I plan to do when I retire.
  8. My secret wish was to be a photographer.  But middle-class Indian parents ensured I do not get such foolishness into my head.  I still take lot of random pictures thanks to my smartphone.
  9. I love rain, a cup of tea and some gossip.
  10. My best friends are still my childhood friends.
  11. My kids and husband think I am funny and I can make them laugh like crazy.
  12. I am an introvert and it takes me lot of time to be at ease with new people.
  13. I love to read and do not like to part with my books.
  14. I hate people who have taken my books and not returned.
  15. I am always keen to learn new things.  I learnt to ride a scooty when I was 36 and had no cycle-balance. After a few falls and driving the husband crazy,  I finally learnt to ride it.
  16. All great ideas for blog posts, novellas, romances, novels come to me when I am about to sleep or have just woken up.  If I had written them all down,  I would have been the queen of blockbuster books by now.
  17. I had given up my favourite hobby of reading post marriage and when my children were growing up.  I rediscovered my passion about two years back and there is no stopping me now.
  18. I got into blogging accidentally.  I got into it via Twitter.  And I got into Twitter because my favourite actor was active only on Twitter.  Else, I would have never discovered this world of blogging and all of you.  Some perks of liking an actor.
  19. I cannot cook.  I am terrible at it.  I can just about manage.  I have given up any hopes of learning to cook.
  20. I love to be close to nature.  Being a Keralite,  that is not a surprise.
  21. I am a simple, everyday person.  I love my small world with my husband and two sons.



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8 thoughts on “Here’s me #FridayReflections

    1. Thanks Vinitha. True that. Prior to this, I had to be at office and had no time left to explore. WFH does give a lot of me time. I am so glad I found you.

  1. Kala asked the question i wanted to, so curiosity sated!;-D
    Thanks to Mohit Raina we met:)))
    ‘All great ideas for blog posts, novellas, romances, novels come to me when I am about to sleep or have just woken up. If I had written them all down, I would have been the queen of blockbuster books by now’ : This made me laugh out aloud!
    And a high five as I hate people who don’t return my books too!
    Loved knowing you, Lata.
    P:S: I love your blog name

  2. Lata loved knowing more about you! You are a lovely, warm, witty and interesting person and I am glad to have connected with you, thanks to the blogosphere or maybe twitter? And now tell me, who’s this crush of yours who’s only available on twitter?

    1. Thank you Kala.. You are making me blush now. It’s silly but I like Mohit Raina. I watch only his serials on TV or Youtube.

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