She walks, she leads by Gunjan Jain

She walks, she leads by Gunjan Jain


Author : Gunjan Jain
Version : Hard copy
Genre : Biography, Inspiration

Source : Author

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Pages : 556




The book She Walks, She Leads is quite an attention grabber.  With its red hardback cover with golden letters,  it is instantly attractive.  To add to that it is also bulky.  I love bulky books. It does look good on the shelf.  

The book is chronicling the journey of 24 high performing successful women who have made their mark in the world.  It is only 24,  but from diverse fields of business, law, finance, fashion, movies, sports.  It is good to read these diverse stories. It is inspiring too.  Some of the women I was not familiar with like Zia Mody.  She is a lawyer and a top one at that.  Very inspiring.

I loved to read about Indra Nooyi.  She comes across as a hands-on successful business woman with a sense of humour.  Then there is Shabana Azmi,  Sudha Murty,  Priyanka Chopra,  Chanda Kochhar,  Mary Kom, Sania Mirza.  Imagine a young Sudha Murty backpacking across US decades back.  Or Shabana Azmi living in a convention centre,  Chanda Kochhar trying to juggle family and work.  The book contains many behind the limelight moments of the women.  The days they were insecure,  their fights,  their struggles, their guilt.  After all, no one sees these aspects when seeing a successful smiling woman.

Every woman is a great human being in her own right.  My personal favourite in the book has been Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.  She started a new industry on her own.  I could only imagine the amount of nay-sayers when she must have started off.  I feel she has really got her hands in the mud and clawed her way to success.

There are many pictures of the leading ladies in the book showing many more aspects of their lives.  The common factor being,  most of them show them as a young girl and then with family pictures. After each of the chapters,  there is a colleague or family who talks about them.  It gives a personal touch.

The language is smooth and simple.  It is an inspiring read.

The author mentions that she had made a list of 200 celebrities.  I am very keen to know who are the others.  Will we see it as another book?  I would love to learn about not so famous women who still survived the odds to succeed.  Or maybe they failed, but ensured the lesson is learnt and they have move on.

This is the third non-fiction book for me this year and am acquiring a taste for the same.


About the Author : Gunjan Jain

With an academic record spread across five countries and three continents, Gunjan has been privileged to have had several worlds open up before her fairly early. She is a graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Economics and Finance, U.S.A. and has earned her Masters in Wealth Management from Cass Business School, City University, U.K. Gunjan is currently enrolled in a General Management programme from Harvard Business School, Harvard University, U.S.A .Gunjan holds a diploma in Image Management from the London Image Institute as well as the Academy of Image Mastery in Singapore. She has received a diploma on International Etiquette and Protocol from the Institut Villa Pierrefeu in Switzerland, and a Masters Practitioners degree in Neuro-linguistic Programming from the Society of NLP in USA – making her one among very few Indians to receive such accreditation. More about Gunjan’s bio is available  here

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  1. She Walks, She Leads is an inspiring read. I liked the research the author has done in bringing the life stories of these super achievers for us to know and be inspired.

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