Untamed by Laxmi Hariharan

Untamed by Laxmi Hariharan


Author : Laxmi Hariharan
Version : Kindle
Genre : Fantasy, Novella, Series 

Source : Author

Pages : 84





Untamed is a short, quick read with only 84 pages.  It is the story of Leana who belongs to a long trail of family who can trace their roots to Princess Catherine who brought the city of Bombay or Mumbai as we know it now, as her dowry when she married the Prince of England.  So much is fact.  But the rest of the story is pure fantasy.  It is set in the future.

Catherine owned a sword which helped her to protect her beloved island, Bombay.   This sword passes on to the first female in the family.  And thus, via Ruby, then Maya, it is supposed to be with Leana.  But,  due to events in the book,  the sword is with her cousin Jay.  He is not capable of protecting the city even if he wants to.  This book illustrates the journey of Leana to meet her destiny.  In the process,  she learns a lot about herself and her illustrious family.

This is the first book I read from Laxmi Hariharan.  Untamed is book three of the ‘Many Lives’ series.  Read more about the series and the author’s other works here.

The prose is crisp and the story is fast paced.  It still pauses to let Leana reminisce on her life in an unhurried way.  Do not underestimate the 84 pages.

It is a good story, well told.  I did not miss out because I haven’t read the 2 earlier books.  Laxmi had provided brief inputs on their stories.  Since, they are short,  it can be read in one sitting of less than an hour.


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