Zero to Hero  #zero

Zero to Hero #zero

mathematics-1660863_1280Zero sat in a corner of the room looking at his cheery mates.  They all looked so purposeful.  They had some value.  Even teeny weeny One looked arrogant.  He looked down his nose to peer at Zero, making him cower.  The thought brought back a fresh set of tears.  Zero sobbed into the shadows.  He was here first.  But that statement is itself contradictory.  When he was nothing,  how can nothing be first?  Maybe these numbers are correct.  he is really nothing.

Something hit Zero.  He looked up to see the regal Nine.  He was holding a set of darts.  Six, his cousin was by his side.  A few numbers younger than Nine but with all the characteristics of Nine but in reverse,  they made a perfect pair.

The only human,  Aryabhatta sat in another corner of the room, unaware of the goings on behind him.  Zero wanted to shout, call him out, fight with him.  But he was nothing.  How could nothing fight with someone?  Another fresh set of tears.

Aryabhatta was crossing the paper and shaking his head vigorously.  The numbers felt something momentous was about to happen and became silent.  They had never seen their master so excited.

‘Yes..Yes.,’ shouted Aryabhatta.  ‘Zero, I have found you,’ he boomed.

Zero looked up.  Did he just say Zero?

‘Yes. Zero.  Zero it is.  Why didn’t I find you before?’

He got up from his chair and went near the blackboard.  All the numbers were written on it, from 1 to 9.  At the bottom,  Aryabhatta wrote ’10’, Ten.  ‘See, after 9,  by putting Zero beside Nine,  I have increased its value by One.  Now,  its Ten.  And we don’t need anymore numbers.  Zero has solved my biggest problem of calculation,’  he said.

Zero beamed.  He couldn’t control his happiness.  And thus came into existence Zero,  who was really nothing.


As you can see,  this is a completely fictitious, never going to hurt anybody story.  It was written in response to the Indiblogger prompt ‘

‘Write a post on 0 (Zero). Write anything- humour, short story, haiku, poem, or a memory’



22 thoughts on “Zero to Hero #zero

  1. Yayy! Zero finally learnt a lesson in self-worth, and realised that it could actually contribute to something!

    But zero should also be happy about one thing. Many people like to see zero around, specially when it comes to problems, questions, arguments or even sugar, fat and cholesterol! 😀

    1. Thanks Mithila. You are so right. So many want to see Zero too. I did not think of that angle. Maybe, Zero could have argued back at them with these points.

  2. That’s such a cute one and such an intelligent find making the numbers 9 yet the count millions just with a zero. Fun story, Lata.

  3. Haha… a good take on it. You have to wonder though.. seriously, how were these people managing to count after 9 before Aryabhatta assigned a value to zero and gave it a tens, hundreds, thousands position

    1. Thanks Roshan. Thats what the Romans did.. Since they were using permutations and combinations of the symbols, it was difficult (atleast to us) to represent large numbers.

  4. Your humanizing the numbers and the lively depiction if Zero as an innocent good guy made an entertaining piece of fiction.

    A like for this one!

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