Books based in India written by Foreign Authors #3B1G

Books based in India written by Foreign Authors #3B1G

copy-of-3-booksWe read a lot of books about India and written by Indian authors. It gives us a familiarity which no one can match as our English usage and phrases are very Indianised.  It is the kind of comfort which can be provided under a warm blanket in your bed.

I also love to read books based in India or about India written by foreign authors.  It gives a fresh perspective.  Many things which we take for granted are highlighted by them.

Of the books I have selected here,  it is only the ones I have read.  I know that there are some other excellent books too like ‘A Passage to India‘ by E. M. Forster and ‘The Hindu‘ and other books by Wendy Donniger.  The first one is lying on my bookshelf and the other one I have read half.  I will get to reading them one day for sure,  maybe when the ARCs stop coming.  Or when I do not want to read anymore ARCs.

The three books here I have read and loved.  They have left a deep impact as I can still recall them.


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