Second Chance at Forever by Summerita Rhayne #BookReview

Second Chance at Forever by Summerita Rhayne #BookReview

Author : Summerita Rhayne

Version : Kindle

Genre : Romance

Source : Amazon Kindle 

Publisher : Self Published

Second Chance at Forever is a beautiful, mature love story with loads of romance and passion put in.  It it was a Mills & Boon Romance,  it would have surely been a red cover.  This book took me back to my teenage years which was full of Mills & Boon Romance.  Well,  that was the only stuff available at affordable rates from the local bookstore.  My mom did worry that I was reading too much of this stuff trying to imagine the story looking at the scandalous covers of the books.

Its been a long time since I read a Mills & Boon.  I still have over a dozen of those which is in my TBR pile.  It is like watching a Hindi movie.  We know what the story will be.  The hero and heroine will fight in the beginning.  Then fall in love followed by a split. And finally,  they will realize that despite all this,  they still love each other.  The movie will perhaps add a villain or two to keep it spicy.   Continue reading

Looking forward to 2017 with Reading Indian Translations Challenge #ReadTranslations

Looking forward to 2017 with Reading Indian Translations Challenge #ReadTranslations

2016 finally goes to sleep and I do not want to really wake him up or go back to talk to him.  But still,  2016 was better than 2015 for me.  I had entered the year 2016 bedridden from surgery.  The focus of the past year has been primarily to recover from it and get back to a normal life,  which I did.  The only good thing about being bedridden was I could read the whole day and no one would bother me.  It was the best thing for me as I moved into 2016 reading the most beautiful ‘The Book Thief’ by Marcus Zusak.  I took just two days to finish that massive book.  And I read a whole lot in January as there was nothing much to do otherwise.

I had set up a target of reading atleast 2 books a month and with 44+ books,  I surpassed the target very easily.  This year also,  my target would remain the same.  I plan to read atleast 2 books a month.  I hate to pressurize myself to read.  With the many reading challenges around,  I was unable to find one I was comfortable in.  So,  I am planning to do the #TSBCReadsIndia challenge.  The plan is to read a book from each state of India written in a regional language and translated.  I am sure this hashtag has some very good recommendations.

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7 Indian Women authors to follow in the New Year

7 Indian Women authors to follow in the New Year

It’s the end of the year and I see people generating their resolution lists, challenge lists, wrap-up lists. So, I decided to come up with a different list.  A list of Indian Women authors for you to follow.  Do not just follow the most publicised authors.  High marketing doesn’t lead to good books.  Good sales, maybe,  but not really good books. And there are many excellent writers who never see the popularity they deserve.

So, why women authors?

I feel Indian authors need visibility and the women authors need even more.  In this post are featured women authors who are relatively new and have only one or two books published.  I look forward to reading more books from them in the future.  Here they are – Continue reading

Book Blitz : Shadowed Promise by Sunanda Chatterjee

Book Blitz : Shadowed Promise by Sunanda Chatterjee


From riots in Bombay to the riches of Beverly hills…
Sunanda Chatterjee
Moyna’s cousin panted at the doorway, heavy with child. “Who did this to you?” her father shouted. And Moyna knew that somehow she would be blamed for this unspeakable shame on the family. Her aunt blamed her for all the tragedies, from the death of Moyna’s own parents to the riots in Bombay. But, as her cousin lay dying of stab wounds, Moyna promised to protect the baby.
In a panic, eighteen-year-old Moyna made a hasty decision that would return to haunt her years later. 
Bullied as a child, Sameer wants to make the world a safer place.  He has spurned a cushy career in his father’s law firm for public service. Sameer is drawn to the mysterious Moyna when they meet in Los Angeles. The attraction seems mutual, but Moyna remains cautious and secretive about her past, insulating herself from love to protect others from her unlucky curse.
At the cusp of political victory, Sameer faces increasing gun violence and death threats leading to an FBI investigation. But his greatest challenge comes when a shadow from Moyna’s past threatens to destroy their future.
What hope do they have with the media hungering for a scandal?
A story of friendship, redemption, and forgiveness, “Shadowed Promise” is a journey from blind faith to triumphant love.


Read an excerpt of #SP here:
Sameer chased after Moyna as she opened the side-door to the stairwell. When the door nearly swung shut, he stuck in his foot and opened it again. She had already reached the landing, so he took the stairs two at a time. “Moyna, I wanted to say congratulations!”
Her face glowed in the cardinal and gold graduation gown. A low pony swung below the cap, the tassels of which hung at her cheek. She looked happy. She smiled at him, for a moment, without holding back. Her smile was dazzling in its brilliance. Why didn’t she smile more?
She said, “Was that all you wanted?”
He grinned. You have no idea what I want! “I was thinking… now that you’ve graduated, maybe we can take this to the next level.”
She stared at him. “Sameer, I have a lot of baggage. There are things about my past… I can never tell you.”
“I don’t care about the past. I want to know if there’s any hope of a future for us.”
She sighed, a sorrowful, regretful sigh that turned his heart cold, as if she had slapped him on his face. She would never let him into her heart. But she said, “You’ll never be satisfied with what I can offer.”
You’ve offered me nothing before! He put his arm around her waist and pulled her close. “As long as you’re giving me all you can offer. Moyna, you have no idea what you make me feel. Just be with me. With time, you’ll trust me enough to let me into that wonderful heart of yours.”
She stared with those hypnotic eyes. Her lip trembled a little. And he had no doubt she felt the same way. He drew her closer, held her face, and pressed his lips to hers, as her cap fell to the floor.
Her lips felt petal soft against his, her arms on his back felt like chains from which he never wanted freedom. His hands roved over her neck and back and came to rest on her hips. The smell of her perfume, her breath, the feel of her skin against his, intoxicated him.
Above and below them, footsteps of students echoed in the stairwell. He hungered for breath, but couldn’t let go. She seemed to melt in his arms as she clung to him, teasing his hair, and raking his back.
When she pulled away, he wondered what year it was.
She was panting.
He watched his reflection dance in her eyes and it felt so right. That’s all he wanted. Her image in his eyes, and his in hers. Nothing else mattered. “I … I think I’m in love with you.”
He felt her stiffen as she took a step back. Did I say something wrong? Her expression was inexplicable. Her lips trembled, her eyes moistened, and it seemed that every fiber of her body wanted to be with him.
And yet he heard her saying, “I can’t do this!” She turned away and darted down the corridor toward her room.
He chased after her and grabbed her wrist. “I don’t understand. Is there someone else?”
She whirled around to face him, eyes wild with panic. “What? Yes. Yes, there’s someone else!”
She tried to wrench her hand free, but he tightened his grip. “Who? Karan? How come I’ve never met him?”
She stopped struggling. “You’ll never understand. Please, Sameer, I can’t be with you. Walk away from me. For your own good. It’s best for both of us.”
“I don’t believe it.” He jabbed his finger at the stairwell. “Just a minute ago you were kissing me. Tell me it meant nothing to you!”
He saw a sparkle of tears in her eyes and his face softened. “Moyna, look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love me.”
She didn’t say anything. He wrapped her into a powerful embrace and kissed her, tasting the tears on her cheeks. He shivered as her hands snaked below his arms and ran up his back, hooking around his shoulders; she clung to him, and their bodies molded into each other.
He felt the warmth of her breath, her skin, and her flesh, and knew he never wanted to be with anyone else. After a moment’s hesitation, she kissed him back, sending his head spinning.
He lifted her off her feet with ease and pinned her against the wall. She wrapped her arms around his neck and nipped at his lips, as his hand found her breast. Control was out of the question. The fire of that raw desire burnt any logic he had left. He wanted her as much as she wanted him.
And then she struggled out of his embrace. A sharp pain pierced through his numbed consciousness when she stamped on his shoe with her three inch heel. He winced and hopped on one foot.
Panting, she glared at him and scrubbed her mouth. Then she pushed against him with both her hands, her eyes brimming with angry tears. “You arrogant, presumptuous, selfish bastard! Just because you’ve never been refused anything in your life, you think you can go about taking what’s not yours.”
Confused, he frowned and took a step toward her as she backed into the wall. “But you’re mine, Moyna!”
She gave a scornful laugh. “Your wealth means nothing to me. Your beauty means nothing to me. You’ll never be like Karan. Karan was brave, noble and selfless. You’re nothing!”
Sameer stepped back, his mind in turmoil. She hates me. Her dalliance with him had been a farce. The last three years had been a lie. He rubbed his forehead, stunned. “Wh…”
She yelled in a shaking voice, “Do you hear me? You mean nothing to me! Leave me alone.”


He clenched his fists, turned on his heel, and walked away, his steps booming in the quiet corridor, as his future with her vanished into oblivion.


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About the author

Freelance author, blogger, and ex-Indian Air Force physician Sunanda Joshi Chatterjee completed her graduate studies in Los Angeles, where she is a practicing pathologist. While medicine is her profession, writing is her passion. When she’s not at the microscope making diagnoses, she loves to write fiction. Her life experiences have taught her that no matter how different people are, their desires, fears, and challenges remain the same.
Her themes include romantic sagas, family dramas, immigrant experience, women’s issues, medicine, and spirituality. She loves extraordinary love stories and heartwarming tales of duty and passion. Her short stories have appeared in and 


She grew up in Bhilai, India, and lives in Arcadia, California with her husband and two wonderful children. In her free time, she paints, reads, sings, goes on long walks, and binge-watches TV crime dramas.


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Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Author : Yaa Gyasi 

Version : Kindle

Genre : Fiction, Historical Fiction

Source :

Publisher : Penguin

Pages : 320


Homegoing is the debut novel of Yaa Gyasi.  The book takes us through the lives of two half sisters Effia and Esi who are not aware of the other’s existence.  Effia, the beauty, was born to Maame when she was a slave of Corjo,  deep in the forests of Ghana belonging to the Fante tribe.  At her birth,  Maame sets the village on fire and runs away.  Corjo saves the child and hands her over to one of his wives Baaba.   Corjo fixes the marriage of Effia with the leader of their tribe.  But Baaba has other plans.  She plots and gets Effia married to the British Colonial James who owns the castle and runs the slave trade.   Continue reading