7 Indian Women authors to follow in the New Year

7 Indian Women authors to follow in the New Year

It’s the end of the year and I see people generating their resolution lists, challenge lists, wrap-up lists. So, I decided to come up with a different list.  A list of Indian Women authors for you to follow.  Do not just follow the most publicised authors.  High marketing doesn’t lead to good books.  Good sales, maybe,  but not really good books. And there are many excellent writers who never see the popularity they deserve.

So, why women authors?

I feel Indian authors need visibility and the women authors need even more.  In this post are featured women authors who are relatively new and have only one or two books published.  I look forward to reading more books from them in the future.  Here they are –

  1. Rubina Ramesh

    Frankly,  I have not yet read her book ‘Knitted Tales‘ because I want a hard copy of the book.  If you have ever read any stories from Rubina on her blog,  you will know how good she is at writing short stories.  So, I twiddle my thumbs and wait for her to get out that paperback while she is garnering 5 star reviews.  Though I read lot of books on my Kindle,  I like the paperbacks more to keep them with me forever.

  2. Sumerita Rhayne

    I am currently reading her book ‘Second Chance At Forever’.  It was a guest post of hers which got me to her writing.  When I read her response to my question,  I knew I had to read her book.  I was proved right when I started reading her book.  It is a romance.  But unlike the chick-lit variety which I am not a fan of,  this is real good romance.  I will be putting up the review as soon as I complete reading the book.

  3. Radhika Swarup

    She is another writer who mixed romance and history,  to come up with one of the most beautiful books I read this year called ‘Where the River Parts’.  It is about a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy who are separated due to the Partition of India.  Lets she what she comes up with next.

  4. Sudha Kuruganti

    Her book, ‘Dark Things between the Shadow and the Soul’ ‘s take on mythology by setting them in the current world is excellent.  Her stories,  some even less than 1000 words,  can keep the reader engaged.  They have proper beginnings, middle and end.  I need to learn to convey the world in as few words as possible.  Meanwhile,  visit her blog.

  5. Shilpa Suraj

    I have read only one book of hers called ‘Rescued by Love’.  It is part of the Indian Mills & Boon.  I love to read romance but not really of the generation now.  Yet,  I enjoyed reading this one.  By the end of the book,  I was rooting for the love story to be a success.   So,  yay.. more books from her.

  6. Paromita Goswami

    She excelled in her book ‘Shamsuddin’s Grave’ and now has come out with her next book,  ‘Grow Up Messy‘.  This book saw the light of day first on her blog.  In fact,  it was this story which drove me to read her published novel Shamsuddin’s Grave.  I was not at all disappointed with her writing.  She writes in different genres and I cannot really bracket her into one.  Watch out for this lady.

  7. Laxmi Hariharan

    Her writing is crisp.  It is edgy and has a clarity which is crystal clear.  I am not a fan of fantasy.  But,  hey,  she writes so well.  All fantasy readers should read her books called the ‘Many Lives’ series.  Period.


Tell me about some new Indian women authors we should read.


17 thoughts on “7 Indian Women authors to follow in the New Year

  1. Oh, I have read many from this list and I vouch for Shilpa’s book. I am in love with Arjun Rathore from her book and is eagerly waiting for her to write more. I love the books written by Sundari Venkataraman as well.

    1. Thanks Shalini for supporting me. I like Sundari’s writing too. She is a veteran author and so did not include her.

    1. Thank you Menaka for supporting the list. And thanks for the website comments. I like to tinker with the layout time and again.

  2. I have read just one author out of this list and that is Rubina Ramesh. I am apprehensive about Indian writing and try to read just the best of the lot. I shall try to read the rest of the wonderful authors on your list too. Wishing you a great year ahead 🙂

    1. Thanks Maliny. Like you, I am also a bit apprehensive with Indian writing what with new books coming out every day. So, wanted to say that these are good authors and you should check them.

  3. Ahh, nice collection Lata! I have read some of them. Others are bookmarked to my TBR list. Here’s wishing you a lot more reading and writing through the new year!!

    1. Thanks Kala for supporting my choices here. Do read the others you haven’t read. Happy new year to you too.

  4. That is an interesting list! I agree, women Indian authors certainly deserve their moment in the limelight and yes, good sales don’t guarantee good books! I might just get Rubina Ramesh’s book next!

    1. Thanks Fabida. There are studies being conducted internationally to promote women authors. Though they are in a majority, they do not get the spotlight. You can check the blogs of the authors to get a hint of their writing skills. Hope you enjoy my choices.

  5. Great list. Iam currently reading Grow up messy by Paromita and I am very eager to read Rubina Ramesh and Laxmi Hariharan’s books. Haven’t read the other authors, though. will try to get those books

    1. Thanks Ramya. Try out the others too. I am sure you will like ‘Where the river parts’ by Radhika Swarup.

  6. Hey Lata! This was a brilliant post. Not only was it refreshingly different but also truly informative. I will now order these books online so that I have my own ‘library’ to start with at the beginning of the year. Thanks for all the book reviews you put up on your blog. They remind me always how I let this once rewarding activity take a back seat in my life. Good luck for 2017 !

    1. Thank you Sunita. Now that you will have more ‘me’ time, hopefully you can get back to reading. It was same for me when the kids were growing up. I got back into reading just 2 years back after a gap of about 15 years. It was bit slow at first but now, no one can stop me.

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