Books for grown ups with Children as leads #3B1G

Books for grown ups with Children as leads #3B1G







A children’s story which is only enjoyed by Children is a bad children’s story – C. S. Lewis

Harry Potter series

How many of you is not a fan of Harry Potter?  Well,  if you haven’t read the book,  did you watch the movie?  I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when I was in my late twenties.  The magical dust of the wizarding world took some time to settle down.  I used to walk around thinking,  could it be really true? Though the first book is thinner,  it is still one of the best.  I sped through reading the other ones,  but it is still the first one that I remember.   The younger generation thinks it is a children’s book.  No,  we were equally flummoxed when we read it first.  No one needs a recommendation to read a Harry Potter book.  But, if you haven’t read it or not seen the movie (remember the movie is only 1/5th of the book),  you are missing a lot.

Diary of a young girl / Diary of Anne Frank

I had almost not picked up this book,  but it was the only book whose name was familiar at my local library.  It was the time of no internet.  I picked it up and being my first non-fiction,  I took some time to adjust to it.  It is a heart wrenching tale considering the end is very grim.  But, still it is a must read.  I was happy to note that my son had this book in his curriculum when he was 14,  the same age as Anne Frank when she wrote the diary.  I don’t think this book is only for children.  It is a book to be read, to understand the human spirit and how it can overcome any difficulty.

The Book Thief

This book needs no introduction on this blog.  I have reviewed it,  I have also featured it as a World War II book.  It is also has children as the main characters.  Liesel is only 9 in this book and she lives through the World War II giving a view of Hitler occupied Germany.  It is one of my favorite books and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Why do we get attached to books with children as the leads?  Could it be, there still resides a child in each one of us,  in our hearts,  deeply buried in a corner?

Let me know your recommendations.


3 thoughts on “Books for grown ups with Children as leads #3B1G

  1. I haven’t yet read The Anne Frank book among the three you mentioned, but it is on my TBR list. You should totally read To Kill a Mockingbird – for me, it ties for first place along with The Book Thief. But then, I am keeping Harry Potter out of these lists, because otherwise, it tops my every list. 😛

  2. Have read all of them. I think a child lives in the heart of every adult. That’s why these books are always admired … 🙂

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