Broken  #FridayFotoFiction

Broken #FridayFotoFiction


‘Sitting alone?  Isn’t it your big day?’ he asked.

‘Just feeling a bit dizzy,’ she said without looking up.  She knew he would follow her.

‘Why can’t we get married?’ she asked through her tears.

‘You know, we can’t,’  he said,  his mouth set grim hearing her ask this the umpteenth time.

‘B..but it doesn’t matter.  So what if you don’t have a job.  You can work for Papa. and.. and you can help him run the business.  It doesn’t matter.’

‘It does.  To me.  Life is not as simple and rosy. You will hate me then,’ he said quietly.


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28 thoughts on “Broken #FridayFotoFiction

    1. Thanks Shantala. This is most often the true picture than what is shown on TV. If only life was so simple.

    1. Sad.. but the photo is a contrast. It is a beautiful scene and the bride sitting so lonely. Thanks Anamika.

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