Of Pyjamas and Mondays   #MondayMusings

Of Pyjamas and Mondays #MondayMusings

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When people hear that I ‘Work from home’ (WFH),  I see something like admiration and a glint of envy.  I assure them that it also means 12-16 hour work days at crazy times.  They pretend not to hear it and respond with ‘Atleast you do not have to commute.  You need not have to dress up.  You can lounge around in your pyjamas the whole day,’  with a dreamy eyed look.

It’s been a few weeks since I decided to change it, giving up on the pyjamas that is.  I have to confess it was becoming too easy to be at home ‘lounging in pyjamas’ and letting my hair do whatever it wants.  For any outside errand,  I would send my sons as it meant I had to change my clothes. It made me LAZY and kept me bound to the house.

So,  I dug into the cupboard and pulled out the salwar kameezes, leggings and ‘good’ clothes which I keep as work wear.  I realised there is no point keeping them in the cupboard to wear to work considering I go to office once a month or two at the most.  The clothes had begun to look neglected with some musty smell.  They were also looking a bit dated when I go to office and see the ladies in the latest prints.

I started wearing casual work clothes at home since past few weeks and the effort has been rewarding.  No longer do I slouch around considering I only have been wearing them for a few weeks.  I also feel good and confident.  I have started to take care of my appearance as well.  My hair and skin are grateful for that.  And the inner happiness shows on my face.

Lets see how long this lasts.

Have you been affected by such a slump?


4 thoughts on “Of Pyjamas and Mondays #MondayMusings

  1. You know lata, working from home is far more tough, cause it requires more discipline. And this getting dressed well to ” work from home” does make you feel good. I began initially with those old pyjamas of mine, but found that words flow better out of my mind when I am dressed, am fresh and feel all good.

    1. I want to tell that to my relatives and neighbours who think I do nothing and they can drop by whenever they feel like. It is tough but we are better than tough 🙂

  2. Ah, I can so relate to this, Lata. Not that I work from home, I am a home maket, in my pyjamas the whole day. And, this does make me feel lazy, too! It’s a task changing clothes if I have to go to the grocer’s or the veggie-vendor. I change clothes grudgingly, but then when I step outdoors the slothfulness vanishes! I love dressing up, but only when I am going to meet friends. But I agree, we should definitely take care of ourselves, how else are we going to feel good from within? I totally believe in dressing up well, taking care of ourselves. .it does make us feel great from within…happy, isn’t it? 🙂

    1. I understand Shilpa. But I see many ladies who are at home full day always looking fresh and well-groomed. My mother-in-law is one. She is always dressed neatly in a simple Sari and a big bindi. Sometimes, these also matter. Thank you dear.

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