Second Chance at Forever by Summerita Rhayne #BookReview

Second Chance at Forever by Summerita Rhayne #BookReview

Author : Summerita Rhayne

Version : Kindle

Genre : Romance

Source : Amazon Kindle 

Publisher : Self Published

Second Chance at Forever is a beautiful, mature love story with loads of romance and passion put in.  It it was a Mills & Boon Romance,  it would have surely been a red cover.  This book took me back to my teenage years which was full of Mills & Boon Romance.  Well,  that was the only stuff available at affordable rates from the local bookstore.  My mom did worry that I was reading too much of this stuff trying to imagine the story looking at the scandalous covers of the books.

Its been a long time since I read a Mills & Boon.  I still have over a dozen of those which is in my TBR pile.  It is like watching a Hindi movie.  We know what the story will be.  The hero and heroine will fight in the beginning.  Then fall in love followed by a split. And finally,  they will realize that despite all this,  they still love each other.  The movie will perhaps add a villain or two to keep it spicy.  

Though not on the same trajectory,  this is a more mature love story.  The heroine,  Stuti,  is the mother of two year old triplets and is a widow.  The hero, Revath,  is an ex-boyfriend.  Stuti is struggling to make ends meet financially and days matter physically.  She is constantly exhausted looking after her family.  It consists of a mother-in-law and  three toddlers.  The successful and arrogant Revath walks in who feels,  Stuti deserves a better life than this.  But,  Stuti is not complaining about her life.  She is just exhausted with all her responsibilities and she tries to make Revath see it.  All she wants is someone to love and share her family.  Revath is sure that he wants Stuti.  But,  he is not so sure if he is comfortable with being the father of three kids.  Stuti feels the same for Revath.  She informs Revath that she is a ‘package deal’.  If he wants her,  he should also accept the children.

Thus the story is set.  Through many twists and turns,  everything falls into place.  No spoilers here.  It’s a romance, remember.  And it should have a ‘happily ever after’.   I loved the way the author has put in the believable twists and turns.  Revath and Stuti come out as strong individuals. And then there is so much of passion between Revath and Stuti.  The passionate scenes are written well,  with no repetitions.  It did take me back to the M&B days.

I will recommend this book for readers of romance with passionate scenes.  It is also a nice story of everyday people falling in love.  

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