Autumn Memories      #FridayFotoFiction

Autumn Memories #FridayFotoFiction

Nani refused to leave the bench.  It was dark and Renu was getting worried.  Renu had never had problems tending to Nani in the past year as her nurse.  She took Nani out on her wheelchair everyday.  It was the first time they had come to this park.  Nani had insisted on sitting on the bench.  An unusual request,  but Renu obliged.

‘Come Nani.  Bhaiyya will scold me if we are late,’ she said.

Nani giggled.

‘Bhaiyya would scold me too.  But Ajit will not let me go home without his kiss.  Lets wait a bit.  He’s late,’ said Nani.

Writing this 100 word post for the prompt #FridayFotoFiction #Week8 and linking it to  Mayuri and Tina’s blog.

21 thoughts on “Autumn Memories #FridayFotoFiction

  1. I can make a multitude of guess on who Ajit his.. from her long lost husband to a child whom she meets in the park … but the fact is what matters to the elderly are these small emotions.

    1. Hahah.. Yeah.. we can make it freaky too. But no, that wasn’t what I had in mind. It is just that, Nani has forgotten her age.

  2. This is interesting. Wondering what happens next. Good take on the prompt, Lata. I love the image of that bench in the park. It evokes so many memories for me.

    1. Thanks Raj. Mmm.. with a few more words, I could explain. But then, there is no fun if I explain the story.

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