Featured : BookOkay.com – Price compare website for books

Featured : BookOkay.com – Price compare website for books

For those who have spent hours surfing the various websites to get the cheapest book deals,  BookOkay.com is an answer to your prayers.  On this website,  prices of the same book from the different websites are compared for you to make your choice easily enabling you to purchase directly.

The brainchild of Tushar Gugnani who has some amazing futuristic plans for the website.  Thanks Tushar for answering my questions.

Tell us about BookOkay.com
As the world is moving towards e-commerce, the ease of getting things at your home is becoming more and more easy. E-commerce shopping is truly a gift for book readers. Since the number of books published and getting published every week is huge, it is impossible for offline stores to manage the inventory. Online stores have solved this problem. Discovering and getting to know about books is very easy over the internet. But with that comes a confusion of where to buy the books from. Since the profit margin of books are usually high, different sellers sell it at different discounts, and this is where BookOkay comes to the rescue. We have built a system of book discovery and price comparison for book readers of all kinds, so that it becomes easier for them to buy their books from a single site instead of hopping on different sites and checking prices.
Why/how were you inspired to start this?

BookOkay is an online books price comparison engine. Since there a lot of ecommerce websites coming up and the price of a book can vary a lot in these portals. BookOkay helps user to select the best place to buy books from.  The increasing clutter in the online world inspired me to come up with BookOkay. As the options of buying a thing online is increasing it is also adding to the confusion and extra efforts of where to get the best deals from. BookOkay started with the thinking of solving the basic problem of assembling the scattered options over the internet on a singe place.

How is it useful for the average book reader?
Its useful for every book reader. Since the online price of books keeps changing everyday. Its now sensible to compare prices before you buy. A book with MRP of 400/- is availalbe for 350 on some site and 120 on some. There is no point in paying extra when you can save few books on the same product. In addition to that the user interface is very minimalist. The only information present on the page is what user wants to see. We have Goodread’s book rating, book description and other details of books and the price list.
I see that you have added only limited number of books. What is the criteria for adding these books here? What if we do not find what we are looking for?

I understand that the current database is limited, and there are chances that user might not be able to find the book he is looking for. But this is the thing we are working on currently. Our current database is of 1 million books and each and every day we keep adding data to the database. I can assure within couple of months each and every book will be available in our database.

Do you have tie-ups with these websites?

Yes, we have an affiliate association with these sites, and we receive some commission on book sale. That helps us to pay a part of the server bills of huge database. 🙂

Why should one purchase a book from here? How is the response from users?

We now have a few loyal users who liked this concept and always looks to compare the prices before making an purchase. We will soon be adding a ‘deals‘ page where user can come and check which books are on high discount for the given day.

What are your future plans for the website?
The immediate plan is to make the database of books better and along with that to make this site more interesting for a book reader. Since other e-commerce sites are more generic to all products and does not really concentrate on books, BookOkay is something that is specifically for books and book reader. We are planning to evolve this site to make it for friendly for book readers, i.e. creating  more category divisions where in user can explore latest books of his/her own interest, having more blogs on book reviews and book releases. etc.
Finally, tell us about yourself.
Myself Tushar Gugnani, I completed my Master’s from University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I am a Software Engineer and a Technology and Startup Enthusiast. Building things and web products helps solving problems of people and which people can admire is what I work for. Its gives me immense pleasure to work on such products. Since I am fond of books and I found a problem in the related space, I thought of solving it and evolved the idea in form of BookOkay.

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  1. Its a fantastic site. Will definitely recommend to all readers. Hope they also have facility for ebook too since most Indian sites don’t have.

    1. Hi Paromita,
      I am glad that you liked the website concept. Thank you for adding ebook suggestion, we will research around this to add ebook option for a book.

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