Walk of faith  #FridayFictioneers

Walk of faith #FridayFictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The screams made me open my eyes.  I was still standing at the start of the corridor.  It was quiet. I couldn’t see the end.  But I had to get there with my eyes closed.  Ma said I will hear strange voices.  Crying, screaming, insulting, begging for help.  Ignore, she had said.  They are just wretched souls yearning for release from earth.  Sounds simple.  I close my eyes again. The screams are louder now.  I start walking to reach the end.  But I can feel someone walking behind me trying to touch me. I shrug it off and run.

This story is written for FridayFictioneers hosted by Rochelle.  Read more stories on this prompt here.

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