My Word of the Year 2017

My Word of the Year 2017

It has never been my endeavor to have a word define what I want to do.  I found them too childish and funny and swept them away as another New Year resolutions fad.   But as I walked into another fresh year,  I realised there are too many things I want to do,  but I am unable to do because of other commitments.  I also realised,  there is no ‘good’ time to start anything new.  ‘Someday’ is not in the future.  The best time is definitely now.  I have been making some sub-conscious decisions in the past few months.  I realise now that it all does lead up to a single concept or word.  At work,  we had filled up a questionnaire which helped to identify our basic traits.  My first trait was ‘Learner’.  The description they provided fit me to the ‘T’.  It says,  that I am always trying to learn new things.  I am unafraid to venture into new things. But, on the downside,  I also learn a lot of irrelevant things.  Stuff which I will never need anytime in my lifetime.  But I still pursue it.  It is a fact, I know it.

I decided to take some control of this basic trait of mine.  I decided,  that if I am going to learn,  I will do good to learn something valuable.  So,  my word for this year is ‘Discover’.  I want to do many things which I had planned but never seen the light of day.  The last time I had done something was planned my PMP Certification, which was 5 years ago.   Here is my list for Discover.


Self Discovery

  1. Discover Joys of Minimalism – I have a new home to decorate and shift to sometime this year.  My initial thoughts were to have some grand decorations and lightings in place.  But, the concept of minimalism got me rethinking.  Do I really need it?  Will my friends and family judge me for having a less than grand home?  I realised,  I just need a warm and cozy place as my home.  I don’t want to spend my waking hours worrying about maintaining my home.  As a result,  some plans have been toned down.  Anything which do not have a practical use in the house will be out of the house.  We save some money and can use it for something else we want to do.
  2. Discover a new place – I plan to take a complete holiday with the family this year.  No targets here.  My only plan is to be disconnected from work.  I want to discover if I can handle it.  It was fun to discover some new places with my sons in 2015 and 2016.  I need to do that more before the children become adults soon and prefer the company of their friends over parents.
  3. Discover my writing voice – I plan to focus on my writing skills.  I am not sure if I want to write humor, romance, drama or children’s books.  A lot of self-discovery will be needed here.  However,  the plan is to take up writing a Story a week as a first step.
  4. Discover a healthier routine – All that sitting in front of the laptop is not helping me on the health front.  I need to have a healthier routine with a lot of moving around.  A wi-fi enabled headphone may help.  Walking instead of taking the Scooty for short distances.  And being consistent in my walking routine is needed.


Discover Reading

  1. Discover new writing – As a plan,  I intend to follow Indian authors whose works are translated into English. I have a hashtag for that one #ReadTranslations.  I also plan to read about places I never read about previously.  Last year,  I read about Fiji,  Africa, Mexico and Cuba.  Different places does have different cultures and I would love to discover them.  I have taken up the #BrunchBookChallenge to read 36 books this year.  It also needs reading 6 books of Indian authors.  I also set my #GoodReadsChallenge target to 36.  3 books a month is doable I feel without stressing myself.  I did discover I could read 45 books last year.
  2. Discover genres I love to read – Last year I discovered that I enjoy reading non-fiction.  I also discovered that YA, Paranormal, Fantasy are a big ‘NO’ for me.  I can also not stand a badly written book.  I am okay to put it in a ‘Did Not Finish’ list than spending time reading crap.  Maybe I am getting old and losing patience.  But,  my focus seems to wander aimlessly.  So, no more of those genres.  My favourite go to place for discovering new is


Hope I also discover something I never knew existed or I wished for.  Do you have a word of the year?


Wish you all a Happy New Year!


Everyday Gyaan

33 thoughts on “My Word of the Year 2017

  1. Fab word choice, Lata. It’s the one that will add so much value and growth in your life. I am all for minimilastic living. I have seen that we can live so well even with less. We just need a mindset to do that.
    I have realized that dystopian novels are not my cup of tea. Well written YA fiction I am still game for it. I loved Cinder by Marissa Meyer and planning to read the second and third book in the series too.
    Best wishes to you as your explore and discover a lot of new things!

    1. Trying new things is turning out to be fun. I am reviewing a magazine with LGBTQ stories and it is wow. I signed up by mistake and I am so glad I did. I will put up the review soon.

  2. There’s a good Minamalism documentary on Netflix if you are looking for inspiration. I know it inspired me to see what is possible and what we can live with or without.

  3. Great choice for the word of the year, Lata. This word presents endless possibilities. Wishing you a wonderful year with many discoveries to cherish! 🙂

  4. Great choice for sure….When we take efforts to ‘discover’ something within, or something outside, we move towards new knowledge, towards adventure…..what could be better than that….The different uses you have already out the word to makes for a promising start. Happy New Year…:)

  5. Minimalist decor looks so classy and modern. I love it and it’s so easy to maintain. It must be exciting to discover new places with your sons. I too want to explore new genres. Last year I read horror after a long time. Wish you good luck and a very happy New year.

  6. Lata you have chosen a great word, Discover. One does need to keep unraveling various aspects of life and choose the ones best suited and relevant to him/her. I totally agree that we end spending a lot of time on unwanted learnings and materialistic needs. Minimalism is definitely a great idea. I wish you an enlightening year of discovering all that you want to and some more.

  7. A ‘learner’ is what I am too. And, like you, I also end up learning stuff I don’t really have much use for. But I don’t mind that. I just enjoy learning. It keeps me happy.
    I like this template. When did you change it? I haven’t been to your blog for a long time now, I think. Can you increase the left-side margin a bit? The floating sharing buttons hide some of the text. Or maybe you could relocate the floating widget to the bottom-left instead of middle-left. I’m still using a non-widescreen monitor on my desktop computer.
    Wish you a great New Year! And may you achieve all your goals in 2017!
    – Chicky @

    1. Thanks Chicky. Learning keeps me happy too. Thanks for liking the template. It is Easy Mag Theme which I customised through trial and error. I adjusted the floating buttons to the right. It should not bother now. Wish you too a happy NeW Year.

  8. Oh, that’s a word for inspiration. Love it! And love to see what you actually mean by it too- on the different areas… Best of luck, and wish you loads of discovery this year 🙂

  9. An honest confession Lata. I liked the thought of spending time with family and boys more before they grow up.

    1. Thanks Laurel. I am also inspired by your 50 by 50 project. It was amazing what you did last year to completely transform yourself.

  10. we all need to keep discovering as we move through our lives, shouldn’t we? I am sure that the word would help you grow more in 2017 as a person. I used to shop frantically till a few months back, but right now I am in a place where I feel I should step down and reduce my cost of living. I have too many clothes I realised which simply makes it difficult for me to keep them organised. Minimalist way of living indeed can be a blessing.

    1. Thanks Maliny. My frantic comes only with books. But, nowadays, I am rethinking them as the pile of TBR is very high on my bookshelf. So, I try to control myself from online shopping.

  11. I read your post on Facebook about Minimalism and I thought what a wonderful idea to live life by. All our lives we keep accumulating things, many of which we never get to use even. My good wishes to you that you discover new places this year also with your family and get into a healthier routine. I have come across quite a few word of the year posts and may be I should think about it too.

    1. Thanks Anamika. There are pages of information on becoming Minimalist. I liked the concept immensely and am trying to make changes to life accordingly.

  12. I love your word discover – it is a natural corollary to learning which is your primary trait…..My word of the year is patience because I find that I am all too much in a rush and never really do anything properly. Either I get impatient and demotivated at lack of results or do things in a rush and have things in a slap dash way

    1. Hi Sunita, I believe in ‘Karm kar, Phal ki chinta mat Kar.’ Do your best and check if you can improve on it. Well, if not, let it go. I am also quite disorganized. I start many things at the same time. But, now before starting, I question myself if I need to really put my energy and time into it. I would rather focus on something that will give me more joy. All the best to be patient.

  13. Lata agree with you on the minimalism bit. I am in a transferable job moving places every three years and have by force understood what it is to have minimal.things around.

    I haven’t really made a plan for the year. But would definitely like to read more and wrote better. All the best for the year ahead.

    1. I recently discovered this concept and feel it is so apt. Just go smaller, as per our requirement. It will help avoid debts on unnecessary things.

  14. Discover. A word that I adore. There’s so much to learn, so much to find, so much to discover. I believe discovering ourselves is the key here. I sincerely hope that you are able to do most of what you intent to. Looking forward to the stories. And may your new house help you de-clutter physically and mentally. Happy New Year once again. 🙂

    1. Thanks Rekha. Like you said, I do need to discover myself and there is no better time than now. As my responsibilities at home reduce with the kids growing up, I am exploring all the stuff I couldn’t do earlier.

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