10 common questions a reader answers

10 common questions a reader answers

No one.. and I mean no one in my physical world is a reader.  A reader,  the one who has her nose buried in a book all the time instead of a smartphone, whose eyes are fixed on the pages instead of the TV.  Are you one?  Or do you know someone who fits this profile.

My family and friends find it weird that I read.  A lot.  They do not know why I am willing to not go for parties to stay awake and read at night.  Here are the 10 most common queries,  non-readers (please forgive them,  for they know not what they are missing) ask me.

  1. Have you read all these books? – This is the most common question asked.  Do they think I put the bookshelf up for show?  Or just to fill up space.  Of course maybe half of them are not read yet.  But I will read it soon.
  2. Did you like them?  –  This is the follow up question to question 1.  Well,  of course.  That is why they are still there and not given away.   I wouldn’t get them if I did not like them. Is that what you really meant?
  3. Why do you buy so much books?  – To read them of course.  Why?  Because I love to read.  The sound waves go past 6 inches above their heads.  Duh?
  4. Wow.. You spent on a reading device?  Why can’t you just read it on the mobile?  – Because,  the reading device is for reading only keeping in mind the ergonomics for a reader.  And a mobile phone is for making phone calls, playing games, surfing the internet, sending brilliant Whatsapp good morning messages.
  5. Why do you spend on books if you have a Kindle? – Because (and my eyes well up now).  I love books.  I love to hold them,  smell them,  browse through its pages and read random chapters. Tell me,  did you stop taking the stairs,  now that there is an escalator.  Nooo… see you get it now.
  6. Why don’t you give it away after you read it?  – I cannot believe you just said that.  My books are my babies.  Do you give away your babies?  Yeah.. I am a book momma.
  7. Do you remember all the stories in the books?  I want to retort with Do you remember all the stories in the movies you watch?
  8. Can you teach me to read such books? Ummm No.  Because reading is an art.  I cannot teach you to read and enjoy a book.  It should come from within your soul.  You need to feel it.  The pleasure you get when reading is incredible..   I was sure I could have gone for the next 10 minutes.  But no one was listening and interrupting me seemed impolite.
  9. Teach me some quotes.  I will use it to sound intelligent – It is a no-brainer really.  Teach quotes?  I do not remember myself using quotes to sound intelligent.   But tell people that you read.  Throw in the names of a few authors.  They will not know them anyway.  And everyone will think you are intelligent.
  10. Can I borrow a book?  – *Pretends to not hear*   Or make up excuses but it becomes difficult to make excuses for all the books.  So go back to pretending to not hear.

Have you heard any of these questions?  How do you respond?  What is the most common question you get on reading?


8 thoughts on “10 common questions a reader answers

  1. I find people who use quotes in everyday conversation to be a bit pretentious. They often don’t even know whom they’re quoting.
    I’ve been asked all these questions, cos I, too, like you, am the only reader this side of town (or so it feels sometimes). My niece is currently my reader-in-training. Hopefully, she will grow up to own bigger bookshelves than mine.

    1. I am seeing many in lead positions, quoting some business nuggets from some fancy business book. It is so odd. No one relates to it without the context. It takes all kinds. I tried a lot to get my sons to read. The younger one is showing some interest. I just hope it becomes true.

    1. Thanks Tulika. Really, I even plan to give away. But, it is difficult. I would like to share if I can get my book back in same condition.

  2. I am with you on all points. Books are my world and treasure, cannot imagine staying away from them. I spend a bomb on hard copy and have a kindle version as well but nothing takes away the joy of buying printed materials.

  3. Enjoyed it Lata. I have also been asked these questions several time. And more by my better half on writing.

    1. Better halves are probably thinking about their wallet sizes when they make these comments. Now, I retort with ‘These books are free. What is your problem?’ Then he goes on about space, blah, blah.. But I need to have my books.

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