American is an idea .. #TeaserTuesday

American is an idea .. #TeaserTuesday

For us non-Americans,  America means freedom.  And for women,  it is a rare freedom denied to them in their own homes.  This week,  I am posting lines from the book ‘Kalyana’ by Rajni Mala Khelawan, which captures this very well.  But,  it is a little more than two lines.  This story of Indians settled in the remote Fiji Islands,  tells the story of the women living there.

‘Look at the American women,’ my mother continued. ‘If they hadn’t caused a stir far away, none of us would have a chance.  We would still be burning widows and killing brides at altars.  And we would still be letting men decide on our future.  We wouldn’t even be able to stand in line and vote, Kalyana.’



It just proves that any struggle,  anywhere has a ripple effect and impacts.


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14 thoughts on “American is an idea .. #TeaserTuesday

  1. Those are the finest chosen words, well thought out – I would say. I did read with a sigh! Being born inferior is something I loathe – thank the American women who really did cause a stir.

  2. You picked up quite some lines, Lata. And it makes so much sense. Thank God, we had America to look up to and all the other countries that helped us revolutionize…!


  3. I like the idea of this Teaser Tuesday. Must try that. I liked those sentences. Very meaningful.

    As a Canadian woman, I appreciate all my rights and freedoms and never take any of it for granted as I know how easily it could be taken away.

  4. That’s empowering! It’s the struggle and boldness of women in this part of the world that broadened horizons and opportunities for women elsewhere too.

  5. This is a great idea to get more readers. Yes American is an idea and they have contributed lots to the feminist movement. But sadly they are yet to accept the idea of a female President….

  6. So very true. How many of us have moved to the US just to get away from the sometimes–stifling environment in our own homes? Your last line says it best.

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