Peeking into childhood  #MondayMusings

Peeking into childhood #MondayMusings

This should have been a #weekendcoffeeshare post but I has having too much of a good time to open my laptop.  So,  this will be a #MondayMusings post.

Over the weekend,  I met my school classmates after 27 years.  Yes. 27.  For the generation today, this is unimaginable as they have reunions every year.  Even my son had a class reunion within three months of their school closing.  But,  we lived in an age when telephone lines were scarce.  We would phone people only if we need to.  We would talk only what was necessary.  We were forbidden from sharing our phone numbers with sundry people.  There was no internet and computers were hardly beginning to make their presence felt.  Even television was not 24 hours.  Yeah,  we lived in the dark ages. Continue reading