Teaser Tuesday 06-Mar #TeaserTuesday

Teaser Tuesday 06-Mar #TeaserTuesday

Women have always pulled down other women.  Personally,  never seen men do such things.  The world would have been a much different place if we were more united and supportive of each other.

The lines below are from the book ‘Pyre’ from one of my favourite authors, Perumal Murugan.  The hero, Kumaresan elopes with Saroja and has an inter-caste marriage. A newly married couple full of dreams and love go to live in Kumaresan’s village.  But Kumaresan’s old mother Marayi is not happy about it.  First, it is an inter-caste marriage,  second she is from a city and doesn’t understand village life of farming and third,  there was no dowry.  Marayi feels Saroja is as useless as a pretty picture hanging on a wall.  She is just good to look at.


One of the visiting women gossiped, ‘As soon as he got a wife, he made an enclosure for her to bathe in.  All these days, he had a mother.  She never got a private spot like this.’
‘Can a mother and wife ever be equal?’ retorted another woman.


The book is translated from Tamil (Tamizh) by Aniruddhan Vasudevan.  He had also translated Perumal’s award-winning book Madhurobaagaan into English.  Perumal’s writing is rich with regional accents and simple in its narration but complex in highlighting the nuances of mundane lives.  Have you read his books?

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  1. I might start having a high BP if I start reading this… I hate it when women pull down another women and instigate them. I saw that in real life too… You picked an interesting trailer 👌

    1. Its more common than you think. Even at home, my mother will “advice” me on being docile and accepting of all. Not fair.

  2. Ah dear Lata. I haven’t heard of this author as I haven’t heard of so many others!!!! I’m still struggling with my February reading list.

    1. Its ok Sunita. I have also not read many famous works. We read what we like 🙂 .. But this one is a good author and I will recommend you read him.

  3. “Women have always pulled down other women.”
    Alas, that’s the sad truth of our society. It’s what keeps us still rooted so firmly in patriarchy.

    1. Did you read his book in Tamil? It is supposed to be even more better than the English translations.

    1. Hope you enjoy the book. I love reading this author. I would recommend ‘One Part Woman’ as an even better read than ‘Pyre’.

  4. Sounds good – moms and wives are never really the same and both parties think the other is more favoured. Sometimes I pity the poor man caught in the middle. I’ve recently burnt my fingers with a translation so am doubly skeptical of them these days. How’s the language of this one?

    1. This translation is very good. Same person had translated One Part Woman also. Both well done. I understand when you say some translations are terrible. It takes the fun out of the book. Some translators put literal translation instead of keeping with the essence of the story.

    1. Thanks Lux. The problem is more common. The women should be together and fighting for each other, not against each other.

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