Teaser Tuesday 14-Mar #TeaserTuesday

Teaser Tuesday 14-Mar #TeaserTuesday

A non-fiction book is perceived as boring,  just facts explained in a dry manner.  So, I was not sure what I had signed for when I agreed to review ‘Kissing the Demons’ by Amrita Kumar.  It is a self help book for Creative Writing.  Its directly mentioned in the tagline as ‘The Creative Writer’s Handbook’.  It pulled me in with its first two lines.  I instinctively knew I would love this book.  Here are it’s first two lines.


Among all the miseries heaped upon my generation was a fat squat book with a shiny red faux leather cover titled High School English Grammar and Composition.  It was the stuff of nightmares and it was authored by two men, Wren and Martin, who for some inexplicable reason I imagined as Laurel and Hardy with bowler hats and walking sticks.

During my school days,  I did not own one while our English teacher used to spew the virtues of the book.  I borrowed it for a few days from a friend to understand what it is.  A decade or so later,  as soon as my son reached school,  I promptly bought a Wren and Martin for him.  Alas!  it laid there  unused for years till I gave it away to another child.



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    1. Hope your children are able to now use one of their own copies. It was a mystery for us back then when buying any additional book other than textbooks were frowned upon.

  1. Wow I’m intriguied now. Your thoughts on Wren and Martin resonate mine. I never got the G of Grammar and a couple of years back when I took to serious writing I thought I’d brush it up. So I picked up a W&M, but alas! the neglected book lies in my bookshelf unopened.

    Pretty much intrigued by Amrita Kumar’s book. Is there a kindle copy available too?

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