What is your Mount Everest?

What is your Mount Everest?

Mount Everest, Source : Pixabay.com

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”  – Anonymous

Mountains are a favorite destination.  Majestic and statuesque, they make you feel tiny, inconsequential.  I look at them and think,  while we were being born, growing up, surviving, having children,  the mountains have just stood there for billions of years.  Stoic, unmovable, permanent and reassuring.  Every time I look at them,  I am humbled.  Mountains bring peace to my mind.

Squeezed between the sea and the Western Ghats,  I see mountains every day.  And every time I have to go from Western side of Mumbai to Eastern side of Mumbai,  I have to circumnavigate a small range of mountains.  They become green and alive during the monsoons with waterfalls.  A bus ride through this region is mesmerizing during the monsoons.   I have also experienced the monsoon when traveling via the Konkan Railway which passes through the Western Ghats on the western coastal borders of India.  It is an incredible journey through tunnels, bridges and vast canvases of waterfalls and mountains.

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” – Sir Edmund Hillary  

My next wish is to see the Himalayas and Mount Everest in particular.  Looming at 8848 meters tall,  its peaks are perpetually snow-capped.  I can only imagine standing there in awe.  I would like to climb it or atleast see it.  But before wishing or dreaming for it, I have my own personal Mount Everest to conquer.

First is health.  The arduous 14-15 days trek to the Everest Base Camp needs a healthy body and a strong mind.  7-8 hours of walking through adverse climate is not easy.  My friends who have been there tell me that for reaching the Everest Base Camp,  one has to overcome personal, mental and physical limits.  I am not sure my physical health can sustain the arduous climb.  Years of sitting in front of the laptop has not really helped my health.  The next is to get my family to agree to let me go.

Last year I had climbed to the top of Pratapgad fort which itself was difficult and exhilarating at the same time.  But there were steps and a clear path to reach the top.  And the year before that,  I had climbed the hills of Ponmudi in Kerala.  Another easy climb with the weather being so pleasant and the climb at a steady slope.  But it still put me out of breath by the time I reached the top.  Looking down at the spectacular view was the best reward.  We could see clouds floating below.

My personal mountain to overcome is to get more self-confidence and a healthier body.

What is your Mount Everest?

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14 thoughts on “What is your Mount Everest?

  1. Even I feel humbled by the mountains. I am a Himachali and my parent’s place is on a hill, and surrounded by hills. There is no better place than a hill station for me. My ultimate fantasy is to have a cottage on a snow-covered mountain overlooking a lake. Too much, I know!

    My Mount Everest is a task which I have been postponing for 2 years now. Hope I make to the summit soon.

  2. My mountain is April and incidentally this is exactly what I referred to in my AtoZChallenge 2016 reflections post.
    I have loads of ideas but zero posts written and am barely 10 days away from atoz.

    But how about you? aren’t you participating?

    1. Thanks Chandni. This year, I will be on vacation half the month. And now preparing for vacation. So not able to do it. But I will read all posts.

  3. I think fitness is a popular mountain to climb. No matter what our levels of fitness are we want to get fitter. And I am no exception to that rule 🙂 Enjoyed your post.

  4. I love mountains and feel so fortunate to live in a place surrounded my mountain range. The feel of looking at the valley down below is amazing… You have done quite a number of treks… Would love to read more about that 😀

  5. Ah Lata, I don’t think I just have a mountain peak to surmount but an entire range! But like you, my biggest challenge remains getting fit – a goal that is getting further and further away as the pounds keep piling on….. What started out as 5 kg to lose has now become 20! That’s ONE BIG Mountain

    1. Haha..same with me. Last month had a tough time buying clothes that fit. I knew I had to do change. My problem is the endless hours in front of laptop and no exercise as I work from home.

    1. Thanks Corinne. Getting fit is becoming the most difficult one. There should be some miracle drug to take away the extra flab.

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