Guess my Sun Sign   #FridayReflections

Guess my Sun Sign #FridayReflections

Winter is too cold,  summer is too hot.  I love the heavy rains,  but a hot summer ends up with the most beautiful rains.  Does that help you understand my sun sign?  Maybe not.  Let me try a bit more. I will speak up on what’s on my mind and tell you directly whether you like it or not.  But,  it will be with the sweetest smile on my face.  And,  I will not hate you.  As, life is too short to hate anybody but there is lots of time to love all.  Got it?

Hmph!  Let me give you another chance.  Or why don’t you tell me,  what can you not understand?  Let’s see if there is a way to arrive at a solution.  Now,  did you get it finally?  

Yes. I am a Libran with that capital ‘L’.  I will argue for arguments sake though I do not like to argue.  I will argue with you till you agree with my point and then I will change sides.  I have to.  I feel everyone deserves an equal chance,  to get their point across.  If a new eatery opens in the neighborhood,  I take it upon myself to taste the food and tell whoever is willing to listen,  ‘hey, this eatery deserves a chance.’  I will accept your lie at face value when you give me excuses for taking a holiday.  I believe,  you surely have a reason to lie to me for such a trivial thing as a holiday.  But,  never think that you can fool me.  Cause,  Librans are “extremely intelligent” says Linda Goodman’s book on Sun Signs.

But,  I will be a terrible shopping companion.  I cannot adjust to the unfairness of selecting one dress among all the dresses in a store.  Instead of helping you make up your mind,  I can confuse you.  Suppose, I decided on a particular dress,  it is immediately followed with a bout of self-doubt.  Should I re look at all the clothes again?  What is wrong with the other ones?

Imagine taking me for a drive.  ‘So,  do you want a long drive or short drive?’ you ask.  My heart says ‘long drive’ and about to blurt it out, when I think about the environment and the harmful effects of doing a ‘long drive’ for no reason.  No, no.  ‘Short drive’ I say and then continue to be miserable about not going for that long drive.

But, I will sign all the petitions for being environment friendly,  helping poor souls.  Money is not God for me.  I will be happy with just about nothing.  Peace of mind is what I seek.  Even if I confuse you and leave you upset.  I know that slowly and surely,  you will see light.

I have been seeing the Friday Reflections prompts and not been writing for a long time.  But, hey,  everyone is busy with A to Z and I want to support Corinne and Sanch and their lovely prompts.  So,  here am I.

Ain’t that typically Libran nature at work here?  No?  Why?  Let’s talk about it.

This post is in response to the prompt “What’s your star sign? Does it reflect your personality?” from 31st March 2017.


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10 thoughts on “Guess my Sun Sign #FridayReflections

  1. Haha, I’m not very well versed with the traits of star signs, so I really couldn’t tell. My best friend is a Libran, and she is the perfect person to seek advice from. She is very good at arguing and making her point clear, and it all makes sense even when you don’t like it. 😛

  2. I’ve had a thing for Librans since a long, long time 😉
    That said, although I’m not one, I seem to share quite a few traits with Librans – especially the confused shopper bit.

  3. First of all thank you for joining in for Friday Reflections, Lata. My husband is a Libran so I’m partial to them. It’s hard to argue with a Libran – they’re so level headed and logical! 🙂

    1. A little bit of Libra in my life.. it is reminding me of the song, ‘A little bit of Monica in my life…’. Librans are good.. so welcome to the club.

  4. What a fabulous one! And it kind of flowed so well, add to the it day G today 😉 Super one, Lata. Missed reading you.
    Btw – VT is a Libran too and I keep thinking why he can’t make up his mind 😉

    1. Ah .. so I have some company. Now you see, you should never ever blame a Libran. We will make up our mind …eventually.

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