Love Sees No Reason by Reshma Ranjan #BookReview

Love Sees No Reason by Reshma Ranjan #BookReview

I won the book ‘Love sees no Reason’ by Reshma Ranjan during the Tornado Giveaway-3.  I loved the pretty cover and put it away to be read during one of those days when I feel like reading a bit of romance.  I was so wrong. I should have read the book right away.

Love Sees No Reason (LSNR) is a phrase which only those who have truly loved will understand.  It is illogical and listens to no reasoning.  The book starts with Ria running into the arms of Suhaan,  calling him Suhas and fainting.  It is a bit dramatic,  but it sets the tone for the rest of the book.  It is one of those stories which someone like a Bollywood director would love.  I had always secretly thought what it would be like if we fall in love with a twin.

Ria is in a marriage of convenience with Suraj who is having a terminal illness.  She goes into the marriage with her eyes open, with the sole objective of adopting Mia from an orphanage.  Again, it sounds cliche,  but the Love Sees No Reason.  As expected Suraj dies.  Suhaan is back at the haveli to look after family interests.  Ria has never met Suhaan and the scene above plays out when she meets him for the first time.

Suhaan is the identical twin brother of Suraj.  But,  they have little in common other than their looks.  Ria cannot believe she has these hidden feelings for Suhaan which she never felt for Suraj.  She feels it is just because of their likeness.  Even Suhaan feels the same.  In fact,  he thinks Ria is a gold-digger.  To cling to the family riches, she married Suraj and now is feigning all this for him.

What an explosive situation!  Every page,  there is drama, confusion, heartbreak and loads of love too.  Initially,  I felt the character of Ria a bit week as she seemed to be fainting a lot and not really having an opinion of her own.  But, towards the end,  she comes on her own as a more confident person.  With so much going on in the book,  I could not really put it down.  I completed the book in one sitting.  The writing is smooth, never dull.

I am looking to read more such romances from Reshma Ranjan.  She has recently come out with her new book.  Check out –

Blind, Certainly Is Love by Reshma Ranjan

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