Anything but books Tag

Anything but books Tag

I am loving this tag doing the rounds introduced to us by Shantala.  It has been fun reading other’s responses.  For a change, this one is not about books but a little more about me.  Read through and pick up the #AnythingButBooks tag.  I would love to read yours too.

Name a cartoon(s) that you love.

I grew up at a time when there was just one hour of cartoon shown on Sunday mornings at 9 called Mickey and Donald which I loved.  Then there were the video cassettes of Tom and Jerry we used to watch for endless hours.  Among the recent cartoons,  I love binge-watching Shinchan.  I have to watch it,  I have 2 boys.

What is your favorite song right now?

It is a not so current song.  But, I have been listening to this on endless loop as I discovered it recently.

Kehte hain khuda ne is jahan mein sabhi ke liye
Kisi na kisi ko hai banaya har kisi ke liye
Tera milna hai us rab ka ishara maano
Mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye

For the non-Hindi speaking,  here is the translation –

“It says God has created someone for everyone,

Finding you is a sign from Him,

That I am made for someone like you.”

I love the way the music goes around in circles. If you loved the lyrics,  the music is even better. Here is the link

What could you do for hours (that isn’t reading)?

I can spend hours walking.  I love to go for long walks,  walk in a market, shopping, walking to anywhere.  All I need is a pair of comfortable and strong shoes.

What is something you love to do that your followers would be surprised by?

I love to spend time in Museums and in ruins.  I can spend hours and hours going through each and every exhibit and reading all the notes written below it and I can remember them too.  On my last weekend in London,  I spent the whole day,  yes the whole day, at the Victoria and Albert Museum and at the Natural History Museum.  It was pure bliss.

As for the ruins,  I stay near Bassein fort and I love to walk around the ruins of the fort.  The fort is used for movie, music videos, ads and TV serial shootings too.  It helps to maintain this historical monument.  But, it could also damage the original features of the fort.  I wish our Archeological department does more to protect this fort.  You can see the fort in this famous song from Heropanti.  Ignore the foreground dancers,  just see the beautiful fort in the background.

What is your favorite unnecessarily specific thing to learn about (this can do with books, I guess)?

I want to learn about editing videos. Why? To create book reviews with videos.  I don’t want to be staring into a camera and showing people book hauls.  But, more like an edited video which will show what the book is about.  Anyone help me with where can I start?

What is something unusual you know how to do?

There really is nothing unusual I know that the rest of us doesn’t know.  In fact,  there are too many things I do not know to do.

Name something you’ve made in the last year (and show us, if you can).

Well, last year I made this website.  I used tutorials on Youtube to understand how to customise the themes, how to add code and lot of nitty-gritties.  I am a techie and code loves me.  It was pure bliss to seep through endless code after ages.

What is your most recent personal project?

It has to be growing capsicums.  It did grow, I posted the pictures on Instagram.  But,  now I want to create a fairy garden or a miniature garden.  All my time is now spent in watching their videos and Pinterest is full of ideas.

Tell us something you think about often (maybe while staring out of windows).

When I look out of my window,  it is to a main road which is 100 feet wide.  So,  loads to think about like cars, clothes, signals. Just before the road is a peepul tree inhabited with birds of all kinds.  Their morning activities are fun to watch.  There is also crow’s nest and I love watching their antics.  Beyond the road is an unkempt open ground.  It is green now due to the first rains and a delight to watch.

Give us something that’s your favorite, but make it something oddly specific, not like your favorite food, but like your favorite food when you’ve been studying for hours and forgot to eat. Or, you know, something like that.

I am not really a foodie but I love to listen to music when studying or working very hard. If it needs me to concentrate and stay awake,  music is the best.  It helps me focus.

Now that you know me a little more,  tell me about yourself.


24 thoughts on “Anything but books Tag

  1. You are such a pack of surprises. Enjoyed the answers. You love museums and ruins and codes – that in my eyes is such a cute combination. I totally love and envy the look of your blog. I struggled to make mine look barely respectable. Video book reviews sound interesting. Good luck to you.

    1. Thanks Tulika. I am so happy with the fort ruins which is in my neighbourhood. Me and younger son make many trips to the place. I am a techie, I have to love the code 🙂 .

  2. Oh wow! I loved reading your answers. I’m loving this tag – thanks to Shantala for introducing us to it! <3
    You once told me about the museums so I'm feeling so proud that there was at least one thing that I already knew about you 😀 😀 😀 Hugs!

  3. Thanks Shalini. I guess all Mallus are nature addicts. Looking forward to your post on the same.

  4. Sunita, I do not have a garden.. In mumbai, that is impossible. But all my planting on my windows, balcony. I know dengue can be a real worry with potted plants, but I love them too much to remove them. I just ensure, there is no mosquito breeding.

  5. Ruins, fairy gardens and long walks. Such different facets to your personality. Loved reading this. Shantala has tagged me as well. Will do it soon.

    1. Thanks Inderpreet. I am generally interested in a lot of things. Looking forward to your post.

  6. Very interesting, Lata. You can learn about editing videos just the way you made this website. There are many helpful YouTube videos and if you want to do something indepth, you can try Coursera, edx etc. Also, do you work on Windows or Mac? They have their own software for editing videos like MovieMaker. Play around with them and see. Loved that you like museums and also long walks. I love long walks too but mostly as a tourist when I am exploring.

  7. Mickey Mouse is like the all time childhood favorite cartoon series. I used to watch it too. Wow you find museums so interesting. I hardly visit them. Website configuration and all can be so tiresome but fun and interesting. I spent days fixing and figuring out the stuff. You did an awesome job.

  8. Good to know a bit more about you, Lata! The fairy garden and miniature garden sound like great fun and creative projects! Enjoy! And I look forward to your book videos too 🙂

    1. Thanks Beloo. I am right now fascinated with all those fairy and mini gardens. hope to make one soon.

  9. Loved knowing your more through this fantastic tag.
    Video book reviews sound fantastic and so does the idea of a fairy garden, good luck with those two.
    As far watching videos of Tom & Jerry for long hours and loving the Raabta song and living to walk for hours, I’m quite like you 🙂

  10. It’s funny but I often feel my virtual friends are my real friends. Great to know such nice details about you…..How wonderful to be able to grow something in your garden. I have been banned from all potted plants after a bout with dengue four years’ ago.

  11. It was pure bliss to seep through endless code after ages?! Good, next time I know whom to ping when code overwhelms me. 😀

    On another note, thank you for taking up this tag. I loved reading your answers and getting to know you better.

    1. Sure Shantala, anytime. All those Java scripts, CSS code is new for me but can get along with bit of help.

  12. Such an awesome tag this is. I was tagged by Shantala too. And I would love to take it up. Oh, Yes! I love the song Raabta. It is so soothing. Your answers made me smile, Lata. Somehow, I could see you looking out of the window and seeing those lovely views. 🙂

    Kohl Eyed Me
    Something’s Cooking

    1. Thanks Shalini. All mallus are nature lovers I feel. Look forward to your post on this tag.

  13. Really enjoying this tag and I’m getting to learn so much about my fave bloggers 🙂 That’s so cool about you and the museums! I wish more of the next generation would visit museums and get away from their gadgets. You’ve done a great job with the site, Lata! Layout looks very professional and neat. Great going!

    1. Thanks Shailaja. I drag my younger son with me. Now, he is happy with the visits, but do not know how long it will last. Thanks for the site compliment. I picked up a free theme, then customised it. It was fun.

  14. Wow, Lata you made this website from scratch and added codes! The two or three codes I had to add to my primitive blogger theme was enough for me to last this lifetime. Video book reviews sounds so cool! Needless to add, I know nothing about it. I’m tempted to take this tag up too, though I really have no interesting answers for the last few questions.
    Nice to know a little more about you, Lata! 🙂

    1. Thanks Uma. I used a free theme and then customised it with codes. I am just toying with the idea of Video Book reviews as they are so popular. Pls take up the tag. It’s not really about interesting answers. Would love to know more about you.

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