So many things to do,  so little time #MondayMusings

So many things to do, so little time #MondayMusings

Monday starts post a lazy weekend with not a single significant activity done by me.  I just planted two new pots on my window sill.   But, every moment this weekend I spent thinking and working on my blog and blog posts. And I must thank Corinne @ WriteTribe for this.

Over the weekend, I have been reading up on ‘parallax’ website designing.  You can see this on the Write Tribe website itself.  I am seeing this design being used on many websites – corporate as well as personal.  The advantage being,  it should load faster and will be easy to navigate on a mobile phone.  Right now, I am checking out youtube videos for the same.  Something to think about during my spare times.  Have you tried this design?  I do not see any disadvantages.  Let me know if any.

I love the Saturday Story prompts on the Write Tribe group where she gives a prompt to write flash fiction in five sentences. It is liberating to write out lines without thinking about perfection, relevance, grammar, logic and no frills like setting up a blog post. Just dash five lines and read others’ stories. It has been a good writing exercise and brought back my story telling mojo.  I even woke up in the middle of my sleep to jot down some lines which I could use later.  Most of the group members came up with multiple stories.

The prompt was – ‘The owl hooted as Mansoor opened the gate’. The challenge was to write a story in five sentences.  And there were many put in by the members.  The enthusiasm in the group is infectious.  And forced me to think just a bit more as within some time,  most of the ideas got covered.

There were themes on soldier, family,  lost children, lost childhood, sadness, humor and a haunting tale too.

Here is my first attempt –

The owl hooted just as Mansoor opened the gate.

The lights went on in the upper part of the house.  The landlord looked down at him from the balcony.  Mansoor made the slightest nod as the landlord threw down a bundle of notes at him.  Mansoor took it and decided to leave the village with the landlord’s unwanted infant daughter.  The money will help him keep the baby for whose disposal he was just rewarded

And,  here is a romantic take –
The owl hooted just as Mansoor opened the gate.

He prayed that the dog should be in his kennel. He tip-toed to the side of the house and adjusted the ladder that he had left there in the morning. He climbed to the first floor balcony and entered Meera’s room. She woke up with a start as Mansoor kept the rose beside her.

It was a lot of fun.

Did you like to write short fiction?  Do you want to give a try?

19 thoughts on “So many things to do, so little time #MondayMusings

  1. These prompts have been stirring my interest too – I am going to delve into them from next week perhaps!! Liked both the stories you shared here! Cheers

  2. Loved your stories Lata. Website designing and I are just not compatible. I get by with the barest minimum tech work. I do love your flash fiction pieces. So this is a whatsapp group? Sounds like fun.

  3. Fab story, Lata. The group is fun, isn’t it? It’s great to break out of Facebook and blogs for a while and yet stay with writing.
    We have plans for all your stories! 😉
    Let me know if you need any assistance with theme.

    1. I got the theme working.. still some work to do. But basic is in place. I love this. It is easy to change the layout in minutes.

  4. I need to get on board for WT’s flash fiction. Off to check out the parallax design. Not sure what it is but have a vague idea thinking about the WT website. Nicely done with the stories 🙂

  5. It’s great that nobody notices my absence from the group during short story days. Shhh… secret! 😛
    The group is so much fun and I get to learn a lot of new stuff from the talented tribe. I loved both your stories, Lata. Keep them coming.

    1. Shalini, You are a good story teller too. I remember you once wrote an story with episodes. They were good. I think you can write a good romance.

  6. I think both the stories were good. I was part of the whatsapp group then had to quit as whatsapp was not responding in my mobile. Wish to join back soon.

      1. Will ask Corrinne to add me back. You know when she started the group I was the first member she added, but my mobile played truant and I had to excuse myself.

  7. I love the prompts too, but rarely I get to participate as much as I would have liked to. And the Mansoor one was really fun. Everyone came up with such innovative ideas. Love both your versions 🙂

  8. I haven’t tried that website design that you mentioned. Sounds interesting though. Which plants have you potted? As far as fiction is concerned, I just don’t have the talent for it. 🙂

  9. I agree Corinne’s whatsapp group is a great initiative. I especially cam to know so many new bloggers. For me, the most enlightening chat session was about the tools, sites and apps used for creating photos for blogs. I make a note of parrallex website designing. Will read about it and if I am able to understand, I might use it for my new blog.
    The owl hooted – I do not write fiction, unless it is inspired from reality (like my today’s post). I loved reading both your attempts. While the ending in the first one was saddening, the ending in the second one left me with a smile.

  10. It’s actually quite difficult to convey a story in five sentences. You need to be judicious with your choice of words. I loved both your takes on this prompt…..but preferred the first one.

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