Romancing the phone   #FridayFictioneers

Romancing the phone #FridayFictioneers

These phone booths were much in demand in the pre-mobile phone era.  In India,  these were mostly at railway stations.  At other places there were regular phones to make public phone calls.  The advantage of this phone was,  we could hear the person on the other side of the phone,  but could speak to him only after dropping the coin.  And with the Indian mentality of jugaad,  it was abused in various ways to save the coin.  Here’s my take for this week.

Raj pocketed the one rupee coin left on the table by his mother. That’s 3 minutes of talk time with Ramya, he thought gleefully.  Next, he nicked the loose change dad left near the keys. 9 minutes more.  Raj searched at the altar.  He gingerly picked up two oily one rupee coins from the lamp. Eighteen minutes.  He practically flew to the phone booth and dialed Ramya.  The phone rang distantly.  A man answered.  Ramya’s Dad! Raj quickly put the phone back.  Disheartened he left.  Tomorrow he will try again but he will not put the coin first.

I wrote this 100 word short story for #FridayFictioneers.  Read other stories for the same prompt here.

38 thoughts on “Romancing the phone #FridayFictioneers

  1. Poor guy. Reminded me of the time I called my then boyfriend now husband. His dad answered and I continued talking thinking that he was trying fool me talking like his father because he had done it before. Thankfully I realized the mistake and disconnected without getting into much trouble. Later, after we got married, my father in law mentioned this incident in front of the family. It was embarrassing is sugarcoating it. 🙂

    1. Oh my God! Imagining the embarrassed you. I think we all did this stuff back in our days. Thanks Vinitha.

  2. That’s a very cute story , Lata.
    I really like Raj for doing all that he can just to have a blurred conversation with his lady love .🙂
    Bad luck this time though.

  3. Aww poor guy. Tough luck this time. :/

    This was a fun post to read. Brought back many memories of those good old days.

  4. Enjoyed this story, a slice of real life in a simpler day. Reminds me of my pre-teen years and walking along the ditches hunting for pop bottles, each worth 2 cents, when we wanted to buy some treat.

  5. Aha! It brought back the memories. I was staying in the hostel at Churchgate and in the compound there is an STD booth where we would make calls and the girls staying in the next door hostel at Telang would swarm to make calls. Putting one rupee and our eyes on the clock while speaking and suddenly the call is suddenly cut. It’s the real talk time. Last year, I did a feature story on STD booth for The Indian Trumpet, a piece that I am proud of. I could relate to this beautiful story seeped in the consciousness of every Indian.

    1. Send me the link Vishal. My classes was near an MTNL office. They had a faulty coin phone. So, we put one coin and could talk for hours till someone will come and knock. There were 3 booths. Imagine, what we all did after classes 😉

    1. Vasantha, technology is changing faster than we can spell the term ‘technology’. The past 2 decades have exploded in the world of technology. Now, we are onto the next big one – Artifical intelligence.

  6. This was an interesting take on the prompt. I love the way he hoarded the coins as they translated into more time with his sweetheart…

  7. How sweet were those days. You could always hang up if the person at the other end was not the one you wanted to talk to and blame it on the faulty connections.

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