A letter to Opposite flat Aunty #writebravely #WTFOW

A letter to Opposite flat Aunty #writebravely #WTFOW

Dear Opposite flat Aunty,

STOP IT!  I want to scream but I want to be polite and just write bravely to you.  I know you are deeply religious.  I agree that it is your choice to express your love to God.  But these daily two hour bhajans are getting on my nerves.  Initially,  I thought this is a one day phenomenon but after a few days,  I realised this could be a week.  I can grit through it.  That’s when a friend told me that this is the festival of Hindola.  It is not only alien to my Kerala sensibilities but also my Maharashtrian state base.  I was informed that this will last for a month.  It is generally held at a temple or an open ground.  Bhajans (devotional songs) are sung for Lord Krishna by rocking his baby swing.

I like the concept.  But,  I cannot tolerate the bhajans sung in the most unmelodious voices by the ladies.  Sorry, aunty but they are musically deaf.  And it goes on for over two hours.  Now, I can repeat the songs back to you.  They start with invoking the Goddess ‘Ambe mata ki jai’ and end with an over enthusiastic rendering of a song which goes like ‘Aiwa aiwa aiwa’.  In fact, I can sing with you from right across the flat window and add to the chorus.  It is not just the singing.  It is also the friendly pre bhajan and post bhajan sessions.  Everyday,  I spend close to 3 and half hours in your bhajan activities.

But aunty,  there is some good news too.  Your bhajans have become internationally famous.  Because when I am speaking on my phone to colleagues across the seven seas,  they ask me, ‘Are you having a party there?  There is so much singing.’  Then I have tell them the source of the singing and a little about Hindola.  And they feel we are so cultural.

I am counting the days when it will get over.  Two more days is what I last heard.  Thank you for keeping us entertained.

Your opposite flat Bhajan non-enthusiast,


‘I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6′  .  Prompt is to Write a letter

26 thoughts on “A letter to Opposite flat Aunty #writebravely #WTFOW

  1. You poor thing! It’s difficult to put up with such overzealous devotions. But if we speak up about that then we will labeled with all sorts of names. I am glad you decided to write a letter to you opposite flat aunty here. But you made it sound like it is fun regardless. Keep’em coming, Lata. 🙂

  2. Hahahaa… Super hilarious read 🙂 loved the letter. Ship said neighbour off next bhajan season or run away yourself!!! Couldn’t you blast some rock n roll! If not at the exact same time, maybe some other equally opportune time 😬😬😥 hahaa… Kidding.. Maybe… Lol-wa!!

  3. It must be so difficult having to tolerate such loud noises on a daily basis. Why proclaim your faith, practice for yourself is what I always feel.

  4. Hahaha! Sorry, I should not be laughing for I understand your plight. My parents had such neighbours who had a 2 hour puja routine with aartis and bhajans on audio-player. It was a DAILY ritual. I was at my mom for 2 days and it got on my nerves. I wonder how my parents tolerated this for 3 years.
    Glad that it will be coming to an end for you in 2 days!!

  5. Oh my god I seriously empathise with you on this one!! I remember when I was in a society which was full of extra religious peeps who would put up building sized speaker all over the compound and then do therir hari sandhaya or whatver they may call it. The window panes of my flat would rattle to the bass being thumped out and I couldnt hear the TV , let alone my own voice!!!!
    Why do folks think that shouting out aloud is the way to reach god’s ears!!? Why dont they think about all the bad thoughts and karma accumalating on them due to the abuse to their neightbours ears? !!!!!

    I have never heard of this festival – not that I am complaining!!! 😉

  6. Ha ha Lata I too go through this on a daily basis. The voices and the totally nonsync bhajans make me want to run away but what to do we can put the loud speakers off only at 10 pm till then we have to go through all the anti aunty mission only in our minds

  7. These irritating neighbours..I remember when my son was an infant my neighbour kept jagrata for an entire week..and every night my son used to wake up…such tough time I had..why do they have to pray disturbing others..isn’t prayer supposed to be silent?

  8. Aunty is going to freak out if she reads the letter. But it is indeed painful to others , if one does not follow basic decorum of living in a community.

  9. Oh Lata I wish there was. LOVE button to press! These bhajans are a general menace. Now with Ganpati coming up it will get worse …. there is one guy who shouts out the Hanuman Chalisa and god alone knows what above the roar of his motorbike as he zooms down Marine Drive at 6 am!!!!! And he has been doing this for 40 years come rain or shine !
    We have people singing as you say always tunelessly round after round while walking at Hanging gardens or PDP…. obviously God is not listening to them. Else they’d have stopped a long time ago

    1. Such a crazy guy. Ganpati pandal of our society is right below my window. But it is only one and half days, so tolerable. My other window faces a main road. so all visarjan DJs we have to endure. Then there is dandiya. Again below my window for 9 whole days *crying*. We cannot even sleep. And I have to get up at 5 nowadays for son’s college. Bwaahh

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