Interview with Mr. Darcy  #WTFOW #writebravely

Interview with Mr. Darcy #WTFOW #writebravely

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite comfort books.  It never fails to give me a good laugh. I like all the characters in the book.  My favourite is, of course, Mr.  Darcy.  It was my ardent desire to know what goes inside that arrogant head of his,  which led me to this interview.

I reached for the interview at Pemberly a bit late.  It was not my mistake.  I got lost in its lovely gardens and water fountains.  Mr.  Butler showed me into Mr. Darcy’s study.  It was grand. The walls lined with leather bound books. Some were first editions.  Mr.  Darcy sat behind a large table.   It was dark and masculine.  But, there were some pretty curios and photo frames on his desk. This was most certainly, a touch from Elizabeth.

I start my interview.  But, before I could start, he said, ‘Thank you Miss. Lata for coming over.  You are late by 15 minutes.  Now, I have just 15 minutes for you.  Will you not sit down?’

That rather put me off.  I had prepared a long list of questions.

Tell me,  why did you attend the ball at Netherfield when you had no interest in it?

There was nothing I could do in such a small place as Netherfield.  Besides, Bingley’s house was not really set up.  And so I decided to go to the ball.  But, I also met Elizabeth over there.  And now we are married.’

Surely,  marriage has been good for you.  But Elizabeth is no beauty and as you said,  the family is also not of a high class.  Why did you marry her?

It’s a matter of no concern to you.

But,  Mr. Darcy,  this is an interview and you must give an answer for our readers.

Once I made up my mind,  I knew my feelings could not be suppressed.  I could not sleep the whole night.  I waited impatiently for a decent time to visit which was in the evening at tea.  I informed her of my feelings.  Of course,  she did not agree with me at first.  Elizabeth has high standards.  She took her time to observe me and understand me.  No one else looked at me beyond my Pemberly estate and good looks.  That was what I wanted and not another gold digger.

What was going through your mind when you made the famous confession to Elizabeth?

As I told you,  once I had made up my mind,  I had to tell her.  I told her it was against my better judgement to fall ardently in love with her.  You know about that.  It was the first time I was nervous in my life.  It was a new feeling,  this quickening of my pulse.  I wanted to sit down,  but couldn’t sit.  I felt impatient.  I was terribly worried about her family status.  But,  when in love,  these things cannot be helped.  So, I laid out my heart for her and asked her to be my wife.  

And how did you feel when she rejected you?

*Smiles*. It was unexpected.  Who could say no to Pemberly and a charming gentleman?  No one but Elizabeth.  Unlike others,  she had never tried to be in my good books.    I really saw her for the first time then.  I was shattered.  I do not remember what she said.  Something about insulting her family,  and my unwillingness to accept her low connections.  She accused me of things I did which she felt was wrong.  I was insulted.  I hated her then.

But eventually,  she fell in love with you.  What changed her mind?

It was my good looks and my impeccable character.  I had written her a long letter.  I told her that things are not what they seem to be.  I told her my reasons for the way I acted to separate her sister.  I also helped her to trace Lydia who had eloped with that rascal Wickham.  She was impressed when my housekeeper praised me. I loved the lashing she gave my aunt, Lady Catherine.  Eventually,  my charm worked.  And she was ready to be my wife.  

Now, if you will excuse me,  I have to leave.  

I thanked him and left Pemberly with a big smile.

‘I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6′.  Today’s Prompt is to feature a guest post or an interview. 

35 thoughts on “Interview with Mr. Darcy #WTFOW #writebravely

  1. Typical Darcy. 😀 One would have thought Lizzie would have had more of an influence on him? But ah well.

  2. I have attempted to read Pride and Prejudice many times but couldn’t complete because of one or the other reason. Regardless, I enjoyed this interview with Mr.Darcy, Lata. One of these days I would finish the book, hopefully. 🙂

    1. Try listening to the audiobook. That ways, you can still finish it. But, I know there are many who did not like the book. It’s fine. To each their own.

      1. Not that I didn’t like the book. It just didn’t happen. It is on my reading list. I finished Jane Eyre earlier this year. I can finish Pride and Prejudice too. And I want to know the story having heard about the book and the characters in it so much. After I’m done with my current read Sherlock Holmes, I’m picking up this one.:)

  3. Lata, Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book and Elizabeth my favorite character 🙂 I had written a review of the same on my blog a few months ago. Lovely interview, you were lucky to have met Mr Darcy for the interview 🙂

  4. I loved this one Lata! Awesome creativity to come out with an interview with the charming hot headed Mr Darcy. Gotta love him. Your questions and the response is mind blowing. Perfecto

  5. I enhoyed that interview tremendously. Odd too, because I have never read the book. Ive heard the references to Mr. Darcy from other sources. I read wvwryrhing and everything, but years ago, when I tried Jane Austen, I thought did not like her writing style, and I did know that I detested love stories. Perhaps I should try to read her again again?

  6. you made me fall in love with Mr Darcy again. This is an awesome take on the prompt. I totally loved reading about how Darcy felt about Elizabeth 😀

  7. This is such a unique take on the prompt!!!
    Loved Mr -Darcy !
    Lol – it was my good looks & ….!!!
    Liked, him as Colin Firth too ( Bridgette Jones Diary)

    1. Thank you Zainab. Strangely I haven’t seen Bridgette Jones Diary though I have read the book. And for Colin Firth, a thousand times over.

  8. The last answer was so Mr Darcy, full of pride. I was assuming he will mention love but all he talked about was his good looks, charm, impeccable character and all that he did for the Elizabeth’s family. Okay that was about his character but love? Where is it?

    1. Mr. Darcy was proud and arrogant. When he confessed his love, he was actually embarrassed and thought he was doing a favour on Elizabeth. Still, he swallowed his pride and proposed to her. That is what love does to you. Makes you behave in strange ways. Isn’t it?

  9. Lata, I am having this smile plastered on my face that refuses to fade as I type this. What a brilliant post! Methinks, I would have asked him: Don’t you think I am better than Elizabeth? Marry me! Darcy was probably my second crush after Rhett Butler or was he the first? Loved this. Dil maange more!

    1. Kala, you love both the men I love!! I like them both. But Gone with the wind had a sad end and therefore, Mr. Darcy has an upper hand. I wanted to tell him to Marry me. That is why I said ‘Elizabeth is not good looking’. He didn’t get the hint.

    1. Vasantha, you must meet him someday. He is handsome, super rich and arrogant. All of us girls have a massive crush on him.

    1. Thank you Sunita.. I am floating on air now. I am totally enjoying this WTFOW and the words are flowing.

  10. Awww!! This is the best interview. I loved reading every letter of it. Lata you have done a great job in writing these amazingly creative and humorous answers. Darcy and Vronsky(From Anna Karenina) are two of my crushes since adolescence. A part of me is jealous of you.

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