Memories I treasure    #WTFOW #writebravely

Memories I treasure #WTFOW #writebravely

At the beginning of this year,  I had chosen the word ‘discover’ as the word of the year for me.  One of the concepts I wanted to discover more was the Joy of minimalism.  I have been consciously inculcating it in day-to-day life leading to many subtle changes.  I discovered there is no joy in possessing more materials.  I no longer feel the urge to rush to sales or the home decor shops.  The real joy is in treasuring our relationships, our memories and our time.

I believe in using my time to make more memories.  As that is what will remain with us throughout our lives.  Tell me, do you feel happy when the bank sends you an SMS saying ‘Salary is credited’.  Of course, you do.  But, how does it compare with an SMS/Whatsapp from a friend, or that phone call from someone in the past.

“One day, your life will flash before your eyes.  Make sure it’s worth watching.”

I do not want to be on my death bed to think about a cherished life.  I want to think about it now.  It has to be the face of my sons when I saw them for the first time, the heady days of an innocent love, the crazy outings with friends. Everything to do with a rush of emotions,  a moment to treasure forever.

As we grow older,  we become more practical and cynical.  And we wonder will we ever feel the same heady rush of our teenage years.   Our outlook on life is now tinged with our life experiences.  We hear of exhausted or divorced friends who will make jokes about relationships and forward them on Whatsapp.  The friends who try to look younger with each passing year,  competing with their children.  Friends going on fabulous vacations around the world.

But,  what I really treasure are memories.  Some are downright silly.  On Sundays,  I like to wake up before the family.  I like to simply watch them sleeping peacefully.  I tip-toe onto my children’s bedroom,  pull the curtains closer, watch them for a while. My elder son with his one hand on the ubiquitous mobile.  The younger one with the blanket covering his head.  Sometimes, running my fingers on their hair.   I know this will change soon,  in a not too distant future.  Then  I tip-toe back to my bedroom to see the husband snoring away to glory with hair sticking out on the pillow.  I know this will not change.  It is the loveliest sight and my most treasured one.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6.  Today’s prompt is to write about a treasure. 

21 thoughts on “Memories I treasure #WTFOW #writebravely

  1. Such a heartwarming post! You said it, Lata. Instead of waiting around for someday to savor those memories, why not cherish each and every moment now. These little joys are the real treasure. 🙂

  2. There are certain things we hold close to our hearts and only a few of them stay for very very long time with us – so so true Lata – memories are a real treasure

  3. You have the right idea, family is the most important treasure. Keep it protected and safe with your love. Time flies by fast leaving behind memories of days gone by.

  4. Glad to see your maidlessness hasn’t come in the way of sharing your simple thoughts….. Yes, memories are the most precious treasures ….

  5. Memories are so important and so valuable aren’t they? Sometimes, I wish I’d paid more attention even when I was younger…especially at the smaller things than just the big bangs 🙂

  6. That last paragraph puts things in perspective – those are the memories we cherish truly. With the children growing up and the Husband out for work I have come to realise how little time we have with each other and how we need to focus on making the most of it – on making memories – the good ones.

  7. Yes, small moments like these that make great memories. And it is these everyday moments that we need to cherish and savour 🙂

  8. What a well written and heartfelt post Lata. The memories and that we create forever shall remain our treasure.

  9. We hold onto past memories, all memories because they mean something to us. Whether good or bad, they’re a part of us, and a part of the learning experience we carry with us. Of course there are going to be positive and negative effects, depending on the memory. We want to hold on to those that are positive and those that remind us of the people we love. The good times we’ve had, those times in our lives that brought us happiness. Memories trigger nostalgia of times that have passed.

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