Bated Breath #writebravely

Bated Breath #writebravely

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Chapter 3

Shruti let the phone ring when she saw that the caller was Neil.  At his fifth attempt,  she picked it up.

‘Are you spying on me?’ Neil asked in a voice spiked with anger and restraint.

‘Why should I?’ Shruti countered.

‘You called Nisha.  I know it. I have told you many times to stay away from my office.’

‘What are you talking about?’ Shruti asked innocently.

‘You know what I am talking about.  Why do you do this?’

‘I need to know who my husband is interacting with.  I just want to make sure that you are in no danger of losing your heart to someone.’

Neil disconnected the phone.  It was useless to reason with Shruti.

It had been eight months now since they lost the baby.  Shruti never forgave herself or let Neil forget about it.

It had affected her health – physical and mental.  Neil had asked her parents to come over and stay with her as she recovered.    But, they were occupied in their senior citizen lives of medicines and walking.

Sometimes, he wished he had his mother to help.  But Shruti did not get along with her.  And finally,  he had given up on her mood swings.

She had been behaving weirdly for the past few months.  Checking his phone,  sniffing his clothes, looking for tell tale signs.   Calling his female colleagues was the last straw and he had asked for a divorce.  Shruti had stared at him, with a vacant expression as she nodded.  She even seemed looking forward to it, with bated breath.

…To be continued

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  1. What you are spoken communication is totally true. i do know that everyone should say a similar factor, however I simply assume that you simply place it in an exceedingly method that everybody will perceive. i am positive you may reach such a lot of folks with what you’ve to mention.

  2. Losing a child is sad but that’s not the end of the world. Both should just sit and talk rather than letting the rift between then widen!

  3. What a sad story. She is having such a tough time grieving for her baby. I am starting to see Neil in a different light now. The characters are truly coming to live. I can’t wait to read the next installment.

  4. Losing a loved one could cause such an imbalance to someone. Losing a baby is unimaginable, dealing with that pain is unbearable. Waiting to read the next part, Lata.

  5. Oh no! Shruti, he is not having an affair. You are suffering from PTSD, seens like. Lata, I am loving your story and how you’ve managed to keep us hooked. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  6. This is getting interesting. But why would he ask for a divorce when he should be taking her to the counsellor/doctor? There seems a lack of love/understanding between them to begin with.

  7. Oh! This is so sad. Really, Lata. Please bring him around…It is neither Shruti’s fault, nor is it fair for him to ask for a divorce on these grounds…Looking forward for the next part.

  8. I too am waiting with bated breath for the next part of this story Lata. I loved the way you describe the life of senior citizens… medicines and walking.

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