Heartprints  #WriteBravely

Heartprints #WriteBravely

For this last post in the October #writetribeproblogger challenge,  I stick to the prompt of ‘Heartprints’.  My short story ended in the previous post but I think I can make it a lot more better with some rework.

Thank you everyone who liked, shared and commented on the posts in October.  It has been the wind beneath my wings to attempt a longer form of story writing.  Life in general keeps getting into the way when I have to focus on writing a story. This has kept me from writing to contests or explore different ways of writing.  I was hoping to participate in the Nanowrimo this year.  But again,  some deadlines at the end of November keeps me away.

Coming back to the story,  I wanted to write about a woman who is facing a challenge in her marriage.  i wanted to explore what happens after the first flush of marriage and the initial attraction wears off.  Writing this one has given me an idea of the many possibilities that can be explored.  But,  the best part was the feedback I had been getting on them.  It might have ended a lot more sadder than where it started.  But,  one of the commentators said,  they hoped it is not really a sad one but will have a positive ending.  It got me thinking as to how will Shruti and Neil get back together when they seemed to have moved so far apart.  The impetus was bringing on Niti.  Niti also means justice.  We all need that someone,  who will push us to the front,  pull us out of our comfort zone, who will ask us to follow our heart and hold our hands tightly till we get a proper foothold.

So,  did you enjoy reading my short story.  Tell me where I can improve it,  or what could have been done to change the outcome or made more interesting.

Here are the links to the posts –

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October has been a very busy month with exams, Diwali festival,  Holidays and everything possible was sent my way which would have stopped me from writing posts if it was any other month.  But I realised,  sticking to two posts a week is highly achievable.  I hope to stick to this schedule in future.

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge.

25 thoughts on “Heartprints #WriteBravely

  1. I like that you considered audience feedback to tweak the story .Positive ending makes me happy.Scheduling two posts is very doable indeed I am trying to do just that.

  2. You did really well on these stories. I’ve always loved reading you and this challenge and being on the same tribe gave me that opportunity. Your story had the right amount of practical aspect and insecurities. Well done and congrats on completing the challenge. Yes, two days a week is doable.

  3. I hear you Lata, on all counts – Yes, October was a busy month with exams and Diwali and deadlines, and yes, even I have realised after this challenge that scheduling two posts a week is doable! And most importantly, just like you, I too turned my story around after considering the feedback.
    So yes, I get where you are coming from.
    And personally, I really liked it that you changed the story around to make it a positive ending.
    Thanks for a wonderful October, and thanks for this lovely story restoring faith in human relationships.

    1. Thanks Rashmi.. It is always good to discover new bloggers and I am sure will enjoy yours too. Looking forward to a hectic November now.

  4. We read to escape, get inspired, identify with the character. If she is more courageous, it would be more inspiring. You can show here being bolder in the next chapter.

  5. I loved the story a lot Lata. Good thing is when the story started, i didn’t expect Shruti and Neil be together by end. So, it is interesting. Love and trust that comes after misunderstandings and mistrust is strong.

  6. I am so glad you turned the story around. It is always easy to believe what we see at first – that Neil is guilty. Most real life stories, even sad ones, have two sides. I am glad you brought in both of them and gave them their happy ending.

  7. I seemed to have missed a lot of things on your blog. I need to come back and read all the parts of the story. The blurb sounds interesting. Wish you all the best for Nanowrimo!

  8. Lata, you have a flair for weaving stories through dialogue. Your characters are immediately delineated in different voices and I don’t think you need to waste time on describing them physically etc. The old style of writing with an introduction, body and conclusion is quite boring at times and in your crisp dialogue you hit the right notes. So do go for a novella rather than a novel.

    1. Thank you Sunita. You motivate me. Yes.. I am trying to put together a novella. This experience with putting about 300 words every few days has benefited me a lot.

  9. I enjoyed reading all the parts of your story, Lata…and I am very happy with its ending! That’s exactly how I would have ended such a story. Life seldom has happy endings; one finds them mostly in movies and novels. And, that is why it feels good when we read something that has had a sad existence but concludes on a happy note.
    Keep writing fiction, Lata..you are SO good at it!

    1. Thanks Shilpa. I am a sucker for happy endings, maybe it is the romantic in me. Also, life does get better over a period of time though it seems gloomy sometimes. Thanks for the last line. I will read it again and again.

      1. Lata, you are a great storyteller and must start participating in writing forums. I loved the happy ending and the way the voice of reason, in the form of Niti, helped the young couple realize their mistake and come together. I enjoyed reading your super story, look forward to more such stories from you in the future.

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