Nostalgia    #writebravely #writetribeproblogger

Nostalgia #writebravely #writetribeproblogger

When did it all start, Shruti wondered?  When did the handsome, sensitive, caring Neil become a narcissist flirt?   Or maybe,  he was always like that.  Shruti had not noticed earlier as all his attentions and flirting were for her.  But,  she was not part of his admirers.  She did not follow him around moonstruck.  On the contrary,  she was immune to his good looks.

Neil had taken it up as a challenge when his friends had teased him about attaining the unattainable Shruti,  the smartest girl in class.  He started the ‘chase’ to win over Shruti with a lot of caring, attention and flowers.  Shruti was initially surprised and thought Neil will get over it.  But he persisted till college ended.  And by then Shruti was smitten. 

It was a struggle to convince her parents due to their different religions.  But Neil,  the man in love, was ready to take over the world.  She remembered his face then.  So strong, so determined. And she was sure there is no one else in the world she wants to be with.

And now,  just looking at his good looks was nauseating.  Neil ate his breakfast at the table alone.  He came into the bedroom, mumbled something about late work night and left for office.

Shruti looked at the whirring ceiling fan.  What now?  The whole day or was it her whole life that loomed ahead of her.  Maybe, it was the curse of her parents or some ex-girlfriend of Neil’s.

….To be continued

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18 thoughts on “Nostalgia #writebravely #writetribeproblogger

  1. Ah! That’s sad. All the past moments and memories come flooding back when a marriage fails. Loving this series, Lata. Great going!

  2. It’s too soon to judge the characters but I sense that Neil is at fault here. I can feel Shruti’s disappointment in the lines. How did their life become loveless? Waiting to read the next part. Nice narration, Lata.

  3. Gosh! That sounds sad. I what what went wrong in their relationship? The whole attaining the unattainable game is never the right one. People fall for each other but not always it ends well. Well narrated, Lata. This is like a novella now.

  4. Ouch! This sounds like a love tale gone so so bad! I wonder what happens next and how did all of this deteriorate into a loveless relatioship? Waiitng for the next bit Lata

  5. How sad for people who face this situation in reality! Relationships can work only if both feel the same and respect each other equally. Else people like Shruti live only in insecurity.

  6. That’s sad. It’s sad to see a marriage falling apart and a part of me always wishes for some miracle that would bring the two together. In real life of course that doesn’t happen. People don’t change, not easily at least.

  7. How sad for Shruti! Women get carried away with all the attention some men shower on them; it’s only later, when the darker side of those men presents itself that they awaken to the real monsters behind those masks!

  8. This is making thrilled. Any fiction that takes you back in time and then suddenly in the present is intriguing. Waiting for your next post on Monday.

  9. Lata, brilliantly written. Loving how your story is progressing. Breakdown of any relationship is bad. The two people in the equation are hurt and angry at each other. The one in the wrong is plain annoyed and unapologetic of his/her conduct.
    I am writing a shirt story too 🙂

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