Patterns #WriteBravely #MondayMusings

Patterns #WriteBravely #MondayMusings

Shruti watched as Neil went about his morning routines.  She would have been there helping him,  but the headache kept her in the bed.

Neil was a creature of habit bordering on OCD.  Before taking his bath,  he had laid out his clothes on the bed in reverse sequence of what he needed first.  He selected a tie to go with his clothes and kept it on the dressing table to be worn last.  Today it was a striped pattern with small red boxes on it.

There is probably a party today evening,  Shruti thought.  Not that Neil would inform her about it.  But she was familiar with his choices.  Stripes for the board meetings, dots for Fridays, yellows for outings with girlfriends.  She felt the familiar ache in her head,  or was it her heart.  She closed her eyes as a single tear made its silent path down from her right eye.

The marriage was finished.  She knew it.  She was looking forward to it, to be free again.  It was just a matter of ‘when’.

She watched Neil as he came out of his bath and started dressing ignoring her.

Did she really fall in love with this creep,  she wondered for the nth time?  She had fought her parents to be with him.  She had made the wrong choice.

Neil looked at Shruti through the mirror.  She seemed to be far away in her thoughts.   A few more months,  then they can be free of each other.

To be Continued…

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28 thoughts on “Patterns #WriteBravely #MondayMusings

  1. I could see character talking in front of me as i read…I could sense that drop of tear…You have indeed succeed in hooking your reading with this lucid writing Lata… i am looking forward for the next part of this story!

  2. Sad, no? At times, the decisions we make when in love, turn out to be the worst decisions of our lives, making us wonder what we were thinking when we made those decisions!

  3. Seems like the relationship ended from both sides. Its difficult if one is not interested and other is clinging to the relationship. Looking forward to read next part.

  4. Sad reality for many. Yes, it’s better to let a relationship go, if it isnt working out. Loved the way you have written this story, Lata!!

  5. Endings are new beginnings…if two people aren’t happy living together they should go their separate ways. It hurts but is better in the long run. Lovely story, what will happen next?

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