Terminal Photo #writebravely #writetribeproblogger

Terminal Photo #writebravely #writetribeproblogger

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Shruti rummaged through Neil’s clothes in the laundry basket and sniffed them.  She was rewarded with a whiff of alien perfume.  She checked his pockets.  Just the odd railway ticket and some bills.

She explored his study table, read his scribblings on the notepad.  She turned on the laptop and logged in to Facebook.  Neil was tagged in some pictures near the rail terminal yesterday.  There he stood smiling gloriously into the cameras.   Perfect. Handsome Neil.  On his left was another male colleague,  but who was this new femme on the right.  She decided to ask Neil about her,  maybe invite her for some coffee.  But why wait for coffee time when she could just ask Jenny.

She dialed Neil’s office reception.  It was promptly answered by Jenny with a ‘Good morning, Andy’s Technologies’.

‘Hi Jenny, ‘  Shruti started. ‘Looks like some new people have joined the office.  Neil did mention,  but you know he never gives me details.  Can you tell me who is the new girl in his team?’

Jenny had heard this line of enquiry before.

‘Oh! You must be talking about Nisha.  Yes,  new joiner.  She is a campus recruit,’  said Jenny and held on for the next expected request.

‘Hey,  Could you connect me to Nisha, pls? ’  asked Shruti.

With a sigh,  Jenny connected the line to Nisha and looked up to see Neil walking into the office.

‘Hey Neil.  You better warn Nisha.  She is talking to your wife.’

Anger and embarrassment flooded Neil’s face.   Shruti was again upto her weird antics.

…To Be Continued

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  1. Guess what… one of our friend’s story is so similar to that of Shruti and Neil!!
    Looking forward to the next part!!

  2. Oh man! How low does one have to stoop to sniff hubby’s day old clothes? Ugh!!! And I wonder what she has to say to the new girl! Tuned in for the next installment of this story Lata

  3. Ah the jealous wife Lata. A famous divorce lawyer once said that the major cause for divorce in modern times was the mobile phone…. I’m waiting to read the next part of your story..

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