The morning after #writebravely

The morning after #writebravely

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Neil woke up to the smell of fresh coffee coming from the kitchen.  He took a deep breath,  felt like the good old days.  He could even hear faint radio chatter.  It was later than usual,  but he felt so much better.

He will never forget yesterday night.  It was like he saw the old Shruti again.  The beautiful, carefree Shruti.  He felt guilty that he had ignored Shruti for so long.  He had thought that she was sad and will come out of it.  But,  he never saw the downward spiral she or their relationship was in.

He could hear Arijit Singh crooning away ‘Tum hi ho.. kyonki Tum Hi Ho.. meri Aashiqui bus tum hi ho’.  Maybe, they should go for a movie today, he thought.

But first, he decided to sleep in a bit more,  this time with good memories and beautiful dreams.

Shruti had woken up earlier today,  feeling light headed.  Yesterday night’s crying and Neil’s love-making lifted a huge burden from her chest which was weighing her down.  Later,  she had slept with her head on Neil’s chest,  his heartbeats providing rhythmic music.  There was no place else she wanted to be.

She felt weak walking into the kitchen,  but she wanted to give her marriage a chance.

She reminisced about Neil’s muffled talks of loving her and nobody else. It was re-assuring.  She felt guilty about not trusting Neil.  She also felt guilty about making assumptions and believing them to be the truth without confirming with Neil.

So many thoughts,  to be sorted, ordered and compartmentalized.  Some are best to be thrown out.

But first,  a hot cup of kaapi.

The End

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14 thoughts on “The morning after #writebravely

  1. Brilliant, Lata. That last line was the cherry on the top. 🙂 I am so glad to read the story ending on a positive note. Your narration was simple, effortless and excellent. You should write more fiction frequently, Lata. 🙂

  2. Pheww. So happy that they made up. I read all the parts. Talking and explaining things can clear so many misunderstandings. Loved the story line… And your narration 😀

  3. Ooh . How I loved the way the two came together. It was quite obvious after Niti intervened that the story would have a happy ending. But I like the way you built up the hurt and distrust in the marriage

    1. Thanks Sunita. Niti is an obvious factor. I wanted them to come around on their own which is something I plan to write in another story. But with limited words (I was sticking to less than 300) and limited posts, she moved the story a lot faster.

    1. Thank you Shilpa. In real life, it may be more complicated. But, let’s be positive. I love happy endings.

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