Escalaphobia  #FridayFictioneers

Escalaphobia #FridayFictioneers

Step on the moving ladder and hold the railing.  Sally watched as people zoomed towards the escalator and then stood at ease  till they reached the top.  It looked simple.  But, what if her feet did not find the firm step or if it moves when she is just putting her feet.  Should she hold the railing first? Sally could never time it right.  The image of her lying on the floor, her shopping strewn around and people staring was all she saw. She turned to leave when a staff told her, ‘Mam,  you can use the lift.’


PHOTO PROMPT © Marie Gail Stratford

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32 thoughts on “Escalaphobia #FridayFictioneers

  1. I can so understand what Sally must have been through! The other day, my little nephew was as scared to get on the escalator. And, seeing him scared, I too lost my courage. At times, one can sure get all confused and jittery when waiting to get on the escalator! I do prefer the lift, at times, for not every place has staff that is as understanding and empathetic!

  2. One of our kids (when they were young) got his shoe lace caught in an escalator. Lucky, he did not have his shoes tied and his shoe just came off (which was probably why his flopping shoe lace got caught in the first place).

    Nope .. . the lift sounds good to me.

  3. I am pretty sure my mom too would act like that 😀but how nice of the staff to understand her predicament 😊

  4. Bless the staff! You bet she will. Honestly, when I was really young, escalators used to scare the Dickens out of me. I was a teenager before I could breath while getting on one. Great Story!

    1. I saw the first escalator when I was teenaged. And it was decked up like a ride with artificial plants and waterfalls around. Taking this ride was more important then than thinking of falling.

    1. I wanted to write about this fear. Then just searched on Google. I was myself surprised that such a word exists.

    1. Its my Mom. She hates escalators. Everytime I go with her, it is a struggle to find the stairs or lift as they are generally at the back of malls or are for stores folks.

  5. I can relate to Sally both my mom and mom-in-law are scared to use elevators. Each time they see an elevator they start searching the escape route. This is beautifully written fun story. Enjoyed a lot.

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