Ghosts, are they?  #FridayFotoFiction

Ghosts, are they? #FridayFotoFiction

“Mani, look! Visitors,’ Prabhu smirked as Mani peeped through the window.

“Really?  Let’s have some fun.  I will make the curtains fly and close the doors.,” Mani said as he went to fetch the strings to add special effects.

“We are ghosts.  They should fear us.  We have a reputation to maintain,” Prabhu snorted as he changed into a white gown with a lighted lamp in his hand.

“Where are my anklets?  They sound eerie in the dark.”

Meanwhile,  the visitors were walking up the rocks to reach the castle. 

“Are these really ghosts?’ asked Manav.

“Yes Sahib,” said the guide, “there have been many sightings of a lady in a white dress and crazy winds.”

An ear-splitting scream pierced through the night followed by scampering of feet and anklets tinkling.  The guide shuddered.

“The show begins,” muttered Manav as he felt the thick bamboo stick dangling from his belt.


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20 thoughts on “Ghosts, are they? #FridayFotoFiction

    1. Who knows why they always dress up in whites, and generate windy conditions? But, every movie shows these to scare us off.

    1. Thanks Vidya. I am really sceptical about haunted houses. It is a good money spinner something like alien sightings 🙂

  1. The ghosts are upto some fun, it appears. And who are these guests visiting castles in the night time? Were they asking for it? A fun read. I liked the preparations the ghosts are making in order to live up to their jobs.

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