Word of the Year  #WOTY

Word of the Year #WOTY

Last year was the first time I had selected a word to define what I planned to do.  I had chosen ‘Discover’.  It was successful as it changed my perspective and approach to many aspects in life.

This year,  I want to go a step ahead.  I want to not only discover,  but also persist.  I am a classic example of the Lazy Libran.  I make great plans, multiple plans and nitty-gritty plans.  Then I ensure, they remain just that.  Plans.  I want to get out of this procrastination and mountain of excuses that always tell me there is always a next time.   I do not want to wait for that next time.

I also discovered,  that I had multiple plans in ‘ON’ mode all the time.  I was having a pile of books to review,  writing targets,  personal life, job.  In the end,  I did nothing.  I want to streamline some of my activities so that I can focus on what I want to achieve.  I do not want to do everything and achieve nothing.

I want to focus on my non-existent writing.  As a result, I will reduce my book review commitments.  I am spending too much time in forced reading  and yet not able to keep up the commitments.  Of course, I will read,  I can’t stay away from books.  This year will be for reading my own books whenever possible.

I will persist in focusing on writing down my story ideas.  I will persist in writing short stories, novellas and a lot more.    And therefore,  my word of the year is ‘Persistence’.  No more putting off.  Persist and complete and succeed.  That is the mantra for this year.

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11 thoughts on “Word of the Year #WOTY

  1. May Persistance help you sail through your goals. I can somewhat relate to your malady – I do suffer from the same at times. So, I have chosen ‘mindfulness’.

  2. Hey Lata, wish you and yours a happy new year!
    Appreciate your choice of word. Persistence is an eternal word I believe. Actually we all need it to take us to the checkered flag end isnt it?
    I am sure your #WOTY will help you tick off all the projects, ventures that you undertake this year; from your list… rewarding you with a year well lived and enjoyed!

  3. That is a beautiful post and I can absolutely relate..Just like yo, I keep making plans never to execute..So probably I my word for 2018 should be execute. When I started book reviewing I did it with much enthusiasm but gradually over a period of time it became “forced” reading of often trash..I have also reduced reviewing books. I hope you start writing your own stuff soon. Looking forward to reading your writing here. Keep us posted

  4. Yes, persistence is what takes us along our chosen path – or rather, it propels us towards our goal!
    Great going, Lata! May you succeed this year, too!

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