A Guest Post by Carthick, Unfairy Tales

A Guest Post by Carthick, Unfairy Tales

All of us have grown up reading fairy tales and for those who were around in the 80s,  there used to be a one hour show called ‘Fairy Tale Theater’ which brought to life the stories.  And so,  I wanted to know how the author Carthick,  wrote these stories again with a different perspective.

Thank you Carthick for this post and wish you all the best.

Why did you decide to rewrite fairy tales?

I am sure some of you would have seen this anecdote.

Author wrote “The curtains were blue”

What the literature teacher says, “The curtains represent his immense depression and his lack of will to carry on”

What did the author really mean? “That the curtains were fucking blue.”

This anecdote is often narrated to indicate how people tend to over analyze and complicate things. But I see it differently. Authors are just being themselves when they write. At least the genuinely good ones but their words have this kind of effect on the reader. If the author had deliberately painted the curtains blue and mentioned it to project the mood of the character, it would seem so artificial, manipulative and insincere. Instead the authors imagine themselves to be in the situation and try to describe what they see, hear, feel. The immense depression and the character’s lack of will to carry on magically conjures up the blue curtain which the author is compelled to describe as part of the dark dreary imagery which he is painting. Such is the case with me. Continue reading