Directions    #FridayFotoFiction

Directions #FridayFotoFiction

‘Turn left,’ she said.

He ignored her and went straight ahead.

‘No prooooblem.  Take the left after the next signal,’ she said again.  ‘Sam.  I lived here.  I know the route to the theater.  Why don’t you listen?’

‘Nah.. this is the right road.  We will get there on time,’ he said and revved up the car engine.

‘Here.  Put this App on,  it will tell you the directions if you don’t want to listen to me.  I don’t want to get lost or miss the movie.’

‘We are not lost.  And I hate that lady telling me ‘turn left’ ‘turn right’,  she doesn’t even say please. Feminists,’  he shook his head.

She sat resigned and observed Sam from the corner of her eye.

This was the fourth time in as many weeks that he did this.  And they always missed the movie.   Next time,  she will drive.   She decided.

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16 thoughts on “Directions #FridayFotoFiction

  1. अरे वाह बहुत अच्छा लिखा आपने, सच मे सभी आदमी ऐसा ही करते हैं ….😆😆😆.

  2. haha. Men! The world can be upside down, but these men will never, ever ask for directions. pata nahi kya insult ho jaegi. Happened to me and now I have stopped giving directions to my husband. We’ve made a pact. I won’t direct him when he drives and he wouldn’t when m at the steering. 🙂 Nice take.

    P.S- I too hate being late to movies.

  3. Aren’t all men like that? And you have two young men whom you can train to follow their wives if not their GPS 😉 . I once kept quiet while driving to Pune and my husband landed on the wrong road to GOA. When he asked why, I told him that he had requested no back seat driving.
    Thanks for this story…..

    1. Haha my God Sunita. So it happened 😂😂. I am good with roads and map readings. But hubby dear will not listen and also will not ask for directions.

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